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Perfect Timing

Updated on January 7, 2013

One of those I consider miracles in my life

"If it's for you then there is always a way."

It was 7:00 o'clock in one of those beautiful and warm mornings in the month of July, 1987. But I woke up sobbing impishly as I was still lying, curling and hugging a pillow instead of my husband who was now lying flat on his back, still sleeping; my back was on him.

He was awaken by my silent sobs; he turned to me and hugged me tenderly, trying to comfort me as he asked anxiously for the reasons of my emotional state. I told him the reasons which made him say. "If it's for you then there is always a way."

"God reaches out for people...who can help and prosper me."

That's the wonder of growing up in a family full of love and faith; anything spiritual comes handy to believe and that's all that matters in life; BELIEVE. "According to your faith...things befall you in perfect order."

My ex-husband may had been a womanizer beyond my knowledge at the time but he was an excellent husband and father to our two kids and in everything... his statement "If it's for you then there is always a way." actually was enough for me to dry my tears and to start my day right.

At 11:00 o'clock that morning, after the usual chores, breakfast, children, maids, and all, my husband told me to go to the mall to buy him a hair dye by which I was going to dye his hair when I get back; he also said that I can not use our car since my driver was on leave for that day. So I commuted in passenger jeepneys. I was just wearing my house dress and slippers, not taking care so much with my look. Admittedly my heart was still heavy that day, feeling like my life was in the dead end.

The story behind my sad emotional state

What actually caused my emotional state was my application for a teaching job in the Department of Education Culture and Sports, Iligan City Division. I was already teaching in Iligan City Technical Institute but I resigned because I wanted to teach in a government school. It had been three months since I submitted my application and supporting documents; plus a one-month rigid interviews and examinations; there were two hundred fifty teacher-applicants that summer and after the interviews and exams, the results were evaluated and ranked. I was very excited when I saw my name ranked number three out of all the two hundred fifty applicants. This meant that if there were three vacant positions, one would surely be mine. But yesterday, when I dropped by the Division, I saw the post "No Vacancy." I cannot help but cry since then.

Actually, as far as my husband was concerned, he preferred me not to work. I didn't really had to work if that was just for money; but I would feel useless if I didn't; what a waste of my education and degree if I will just stay idle, besides I love teaching and I wanted to do it in a public school.

Was it a coincidence?

Back to my experience that day: After I bought the only item, the hair dye, I hailed another jeepney going home. The city was very busy with the traffic, and the sun was very hot. I was fidgety and boiling inside, I hated the situation and the commotion of people going back and forth; I wanted to get home quickly before I could yell at the jeepney driver who was driving so slow. I was already in this depressed emotional state when suddenly, the engine of the jeepney went off and everybody was sighing and murmuring because it was a rush hour and most jeepneys were full. The driver was trying many times to restart the engine but it just won't work and the passengers were getting more restless so that he ordered everybody to get down and find another jeepney because he will have his jeepney towed to the shop.

This really made me. I yelled to the driver and cursed at him; everybody, including the driver quickly left the scene and I found myself left alone on that side of the road. I was standing there a while, trying to calm down myself when I realized that I was standing across the Division building; this made more depressed, seeing the big "No Vacancy" still posted there.

The sun was so hot so I decided to cross the road and once there I unthinkingly climb up the stairs. It was already 12:00 noon and most of the employees had gone home. I saw through the glass wall two supervisors getting ready to leave. Then I heard some women voices coming out from the lady's room. They were complaining and I heard one said, "There were three vacant items in Suarez High School but the two were given away, one to the daughter of the Regional Supervisor and the other to...there is still one vacant position...they just keep it from those who are in the rank...they want some money for it...".

When I heard the word Suarez High School, it reminded me of Mrs. Giner, my co-church member in the Southern Baptist Church. I remember she was teaching there. After hearing that, I wasted no time, I went down the stair way and as if intentional. a jeepney stopped right in front of me where the conductor was yelling out, "One more passenger!

I took the jeepney and proceeded to see Ma'am Giner in Suarez High School; it was my first time to reach that place.

I came home at 2:00 o'clock with a big grin on my face; my husband was confused. He wanted to ask why I was late but decided to leave me in my mood. For me, it was a secret that would come out when I was finally granted the appointment days later.

One week later I was the new teacher to occupy the last vacant item for that year.

When something is intended by the universe for you, everything will just be easy because everything work together for good, for your success; even the Universe will bow down to your will. Isn't it a miracle?

"Even the Universe will bow down to my will, when my perfect time comes."
"Even the Universe will bow down to my will, when my perfect time comes."


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