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Isn't Scholarship $ Worth a little Effort?

Updated on May 15, 2015
Scholarship Essay
Scholarship Essay

Scholarship essays are not always easy; it takes a lot of time to put words on a paper and complete each sentence to convey accurate meaning. Scholarship essays enchant readers and encourage them to consider you as an applicant. The essay is an introduction to who you are, what you value, how you see the world, what you hope to achieve, and why you need the scholarship. A good essay is original and states its points avoiding meaningless information clearly showing why you deserve to win. Turn the negatives into positives, for instance if you have a weakness show how that had transformed you summarizing the points.

Writing a scholarship essay can be problematic especially if you want to do it good. Your essay will need to wow the reader, and speak directly to the goals of the organization, as well as the purpose of the award. Winning scholarship essay can seem like an impossible task, but submitting an essay might just be your utmost advantage when it comes to winning scholarships. If written properly, you will hardly be able to submit the same application to numerous awards as it is not a one-size-fits-all; most essays will need to be nipped or completely improved to show the reader that you are commendable of the award above and beyond any of the other participant who has also applied.

Carefully read the scholarship essay prompt or question. Once clear with the subject at hand, and know exactly what is being asked, write the main point out on a piece of paper. Determine how you can make one of the ideas more personal. Create a story that includes hints into who you are and about your life. To prevent random opinions from creeping into the essay, create a rough outline before beginning to write the draft.

So, how does someone write a great scholarship essay and win that scholarship money?

  • Step 1: Read the essay prompt carefully
  • Step 2: Make a list of important points and keywords
  • Step 3: Write an outline or a rough draft
  • Step 4: Write a strong statement that reviews your points
  • Step 5: Fill the missing parts
  • Step 6: Rewrite, Revise, Rewrite
  • Step 7: Refine the Final Draft

The most vital factor that needs consideration while writing scholarship essays is the introduction paragraph. The first paragraph should be interesting and original grabbing the reader’s attention making them want to read more. The body of the essay must explain or tell the story, as it narrates to the essay subject. And finally, conclude the essay with what has been learned and how it will shape the future you. We all have so many stories to tell and when trying to win a scholarship with the essay, one must have to figure out how to communicate ones unique life experiences to the subject.

Scholarship providers penalize students if they fail to follow the word count or use improper grammar, so ensure to have someone proofread the essay. Getting a scholarship is real hard work and the student needs to prove why he/she is worth getting the scholarship. It is a way of convincing the judging board and making them believe that you are the right applicant. The scholarship essay either makes or breaks the chance of winning the scholarship seat. A student needs to build accomplishment through presenting the awards, talents and accomplishments.

Points to Write a Scholarship Essay
Points to Write a Scholarship Essay

Points to remember while writing a Scholarship Essay

  • Represent your values and mission of the scholarship
  • State what is the objective of your essay?
  • Brag a little and highlight your accomplishments
  • Grammar and Spellings count
  • Don’t include things that don’t relate to the scholarship
  • Be creative with the essay structure
  • Write an essay that will be remembered
  • The judge should get the real picture of our personality
  • Choose words wisely
  • Present a clear thesis backed up with specific examples
  • Avoid general statements, show don’t tell
  • Do not ever write a sob story like how much you’re in need of financial support
  • Be sure to include your name and student ID# in the heading.

Advantage of No-Essay Scholarships and Advantage of Essay Scholarships

No-Essay Scholarships are getting admission through scholarships with no essay requirement. Students need to provide basic information of self and career goals. Normally, essay scholarships are for those who want to headlong their career in English or journalism. But for those planning to study math, science or any other field there is no need to go for no-essay scholarships.

Essay scholarships, on the other hand, allow students to win equal chances of winning college scholarships. Moreover, it helps students to meet the funding requirement. It is one such way to sell you and create an impression on the panel who’s judging and get admission with desired scholarship.

Create an Outline

Getting started is often the hardest part hence make an outline of the things you would like to tell in your essay such as:

  • Your educational and career goals
  • Why you have selected your major and career goal
  • Your life experiences which have determined this decision
  • Your foreseen role in society after your career goal has been achieved
  • Why you need the scholarship
  • Explain how the scholarship funds will help if you are awarded the scholarship.
  • Anything else that the Scholarship Committee needs to know about you in order to present yourself as the best candidate for the scholarship.
  • Be creative, try not to start your essay with, “My name is Adrian Paul and I am applying for this scholarship.”
  • You may also want to begin with a personal story, a favorite or inspiring quote, etc.
  • Complete the essay by re-stating something from the introduction

The common thing muddling in a high school seniors mind is “How can I make my application stand out?” The scholarship essays should be original and edged in a way that portrays a better image of writer in the mind of readers. Innovative topics and inventiveness will easily lure the attention of the readers and keeping the essays unique will add supreme value to the writer-ups. Through essays the students must show the judge their skills and capability to think out of the box. Whether it is writing about real-life or creating a fiction, abstain from using words you would not normally use in everyday speech.

There are many websites that give excellent information on writing a scholarship essay. You can use their recommendations on how to write your essay, but do not copy information in any of the essay examples. That is considered plagiarism! Remember, members of the reviewing committee are faculty members who have complete access to check for plagiarism online and you may be subject to disciplinary action if your essay is not your original work.


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