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It is war.

Updated on July 17, 2015
GodsPoetNkosi profile image

Gods Poet Nkosi has been writing Poetry for the past 18 years. Writing can help you learn about your hidden desires and help you grow.

It is war.


It is war.

It is war.

The angels are calling.

The bombs are dropping.

Buildings are falling.

Mothers are burying their sons.

Brides are turned into widows.

Children grow up not knowing
their fathers.

The sky is falling.

Peace has deserted the streets.

The stock exchange has crashed.

The banks are bankrupt.

What is the value of money?

An insufficient education systems.
Dreams shatter in the face of adversity.

What is your life worth?

Broken homes.
Failed relationships.
Domestic violence.
Funerals every third day.
The youth do not live past 25.

She did not get a chance to go to university,

financial freedom, without inheritance is
a land mine an endless challenge.

How does one see the light in self?

When all you have known is darkness.

Faith praws destiny, never give up.

Today is an opportunity to have a tomorrow
filled with Joy.

The beauty of life, is in the mercy of

Receiving, or having being touched by love
is a miracle all souls should embrace.

Greed is a parasite, steadfast in self glory
blinding goodness.

The soul is pure at birth, circumstances and
experience corrupt, absolutely.

Having no regrets when you look back of your
life is power.

The final hour, when the heart can beat no more
awaits us all.

Fear not what you can not comprehend.

Master what you desire.

What are your desires?
What are you living for?
What is it that consumes your thoughts
day and night?

Are you able to sleep?
Have you made peace with your past?
How many of your dreams have you materialised?

What are the battles in your world?
How do you plan to exterminate them?
Are you happy with your reality?

What have you done with the Gift of life
God has given you?

How will society remember you?


Today is all we really have.

Materialise the world in your mind.
Make peace with the wars within your world.

Gods Poet Nkosi

Nkosinathi Ncala


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