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Japan 9.0 Earthquake News! Recent Nuclear Disaster in Japan! Warning Photos & Videos May be Disturbing to some viewers.

Updated on June 11, 2011
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Steve Miller a dynamic online writer and video editor who has many years of online experience. Building suspense and informing the public...


Japan Earthquake 2011

The earthquake that hit Japan on Friday March 11th 2011, is the worst earthquake since the Chile earthquake in 1900. This earthquake hit Japan around 2:46 PM Japanese time. What many people may not realize at least as of yet, is the fact that this earthquake is not only going to do massive damage to Japan, it is also going to innodate the Pacific coast around the world with tsunamis. A smaller earthquake of a little above a 4.5 on the Richter Scale has now hit Hawaii.

The population of Singh is well over a million, this is an area that was hit hard by the recent earthquake. Tokyo was also majorly affected by this earthquake. The earthquake an 8.8 has now been moved up to an 8.9 on the newly reformed Richter Scale. This earthquake will take the lives of many thousands of people across north eastern Japan, as well as coastal areas across the globe. We can thank goodness that many lives are going to be saved by the new tsunami warning systems. There are now tsunami's moving across the Pacific ocean and many warnings are going out as I write this. This ranks as the worlds fifth largest earthquake since 1900. However the Richter Scale has changed. So we have now seen many after shocks and tremors as high as 6.8 on the Richter Scale. Keep in mind this after shock is as big even bigger than the recent Christchurch earthquake in New Zealand. This just so happened to hit when people where on their way home during rush hour. Now there is a major infrastructure problem as 13 million people are stranded in Japan. It would seem things are escalating when it comes to Earthquakes across the world.

Major Tsunami's across the Globe

Some of these wave heights are as high as 7.3 meters. That is a 24 foot wall of water coming into the coastal areas, and is moving onto the coast for miles. The Pacific Coast is going to be swept by tsunami waters within the next 24 hours. If you live near the coast in this area move to high ground as soon as possible. This earthquake is bigger than the Chile earthquake of Feb the 27th 2010. The sad thing in this as well, is the fact that many Japanese rescue workers are helping out with the Christchurch earthquake in New Zealand. Even though Japan is well known for earthquakes a disaster of this magnitude cannot be accounted for. As fires are consuming a lot of buildings in Tokyo.

Hawaii is also right in the way of the incoming Tsunami. As well it looks like Waikiki will be hit by the incoming tsunami. So in the hours to come much more damage is going to occur. The people in Japan are resilient and they build everything with earthquakes in mind. The average Japanese citizen is ready for earthquakes, the question is are they ready for an earthquake of this magnitude.

Tsunamis From Japan Earthquake 8.9

Earthquake Aftershocks & Tremors

This earthquake struck in the sea near Sendai in shallow waters. This earthquake was felt all the way in Beijing China. Tokyo is going to be majorly devastated by this earthquake, aftershocks and tsunamis as well. The US geology survey has already stated that there have been at least 19 aftershocks have occurred since the earthquake. Right now many people are missing. It is only going to be in the upcoming days ahead that the true numbers come out for the casualties of this earthquake and tsunamis. Right now power it down in much of Northern Japan, and transportation has been majorly affected as well. We can only hope that the people can unite to help each other out in these troubling times ahead.

There have been a major influx in earthquake activity in the last few days within the northern coast of Japan. If you have witnessed the tsunami roll into Chile you know what is about to happen to many coastal cities around the globe. This is going to be much different from the Chile tsunami and as the hours roll by, the world will see disasters around the globe.

Video Footage of Japan Earthquake & Tsunamis

Japan Ablaze

Many oil refiners are now ablaze, and the fires are uncontrollable. Already more than 20 countries are evacuating coastal areas. This is unprecedented in human history, a warning system for tsunamis that is going to save hundreds of thousands of human beings. We live in very trying days, and the upcoming years to come will truly test human vigor and spirit.

The amount of money this disaster is going to cause is still unknown, as the disaster is still playing out, although I would estimate it in the trillions. It would seem that earthquakes have been more frequent, and more devastating as of late, only time will tell how this will effect you. May God bless everyone in Japan and the people along the Pacific Coast.

Do You Live Near The Pacific Coast

Has The Tsunami Affected You?

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Nuclear Meltdown In Japan! Is Anyone Safe?

Well now the news of the perhaps possible worst Nuclear catastrophe since WWII. Even worse than Chernobyl. While obviously the Japanese are playing down this potential disaster, the facts remain it could be devastating worldwide. This is because not one, two, five, or even six Japanese Nuclear power plants but seven have now went critical. So how has this happened?

It all began with the explosion of the second Nuclear facility over the past week. At the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. Now there are more than seven reactors that have caught fire and / or exploded. Recently the USS Ronald Reagan which was 100 miles northeast of the Fukushima nuclear power plant picked up low levels of radiation in the air. So now it looks like the US ships and craft that were coming to help, are taking shelter. All moving away from Japan. So do what do we have to fear from this latest nuclear catastrophe? Maybe something, or maybe a nuclear event to rewrite the record books.

While the Japanese Nuclear facilities are nearly as safe and secure as the ones here in America. Noting the Three Mile Island partial meltdown in Pennsylvania; where the incident was not near as bad as the Chernobyl. The issue now is that there are so many reactors in Japan that have been damaged beyond repair, as well they are resorting to pumping sea water into the reactor core to cool it down. This is bad. When you start pumping corrosive sea water into the core of a nuclear reactor, you have given up hope. You are throwing the reactor away, in a sense. It is like jumping ship, when the ship is on fire, but the only other option is to jump into the frigid waters. Either way you are dead.

10 Times Worse Than Chernobyl?

What We Have Created

Japan loses Nuclear Reactors! Now What Will Happen in Japan?

Well one thing we know is Northern Japan is taking an energy step backward because of this horrific event. We now now that thousands have already died from this horrible Tragedy. May God bless anyone who has lost someone in this terrible event. May blessings go out to the workers as well, those out there risking their own lives to help others in Japan. If only I could be so courages as they are, if I could join them, I would without thought. 

Since Japan has now begun to pump sea water (where they can) into the reactors they are scrapping them for the greater good. Many people have already begun to receive the effects of radiation exposure in Japan as well. So it is a good noble choice to do what they are doing, a very expensive option, but the only option. How is this going to play out in Japan, will this lead to the worst Nuclear Event know to mankind? Well right now I am hopeful, because the Japanese authorities have been doing nothing but putting life before profit. With this sort of love and compassion, I would only hope that the spirits and God pay it forward. In order to prevent the worst catastrophe we have ever known. The cancer rates will jump higher then ever known. For those who realize that cancer has never thrived as it has since the start of the Nuclear age of the twentieth Century.

A lot of the suffering that goes on from DNA or genetic disorders to cancer was born with the Manhattan Project and the birth of the atomic age. Even if you remove the fact that we have detonated so many A & H bombs in the atmosphere and above the atmosphere. For many years beginning in the early 1900's they commercialized nuclear products, from everything to sex, to fitting ones shoes. This has caused humanity much pain and suffering. A true discovery of epic proportions. We can only hope that the situation in Japan resolves itself, as right now nothing people can do is really working. When the Chernobyl event happened in Siberia mind you, American Scientist walking into their jobs at reactors across America were showing up hot / or positive for radiation. They could not figure it out, that is until they found out about Chernobyl. That radiation traveled from Siberia to America. That was one reactor meltdown, now they did have a very unsatisfactory reactor. It was later found out that the Russians had cut a lot of corners, and failed to use proper up to date for the time building codes for the Chernobyl reactor. So we can only hope that the Japanese did use up to date modern building technology for sealing the reactor core. They say they have, and it appears as well that they have used modern building techniques. So right now let the world cross their fingers, and hope that we yet again avoid a nuclear disaster.

World Wide Disaster!

How Bad Is Japans Nuclear Crisis?

Do You Think This Will Cause World Wide Radiation Issues?

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    • steve8miller profile imageAUTHOR

      Steven Miller 

      4 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton

      Yes, it is scary when you consider that all that radiation is now moving into North Americas west coast. May God help us all. With God, we can do amazing things.

    • peachpurple profile image


      4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      Oh my, so scary

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      This arltice went ahead and made my day.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Haarp man made Earthquake

    • natures47friend profile image


      7 years ago from Sunny Art Deco Napier, New Zealand.

      Great hub! My brother lives in Nagoya and they felt about half the strength there. My Japanese sister-in-law bought lots of bottled water to send to her friends in Tokyo cos of the radiation scare. The water was sold out of course. People with babies did not want to use tap water in Tokyo at the time.

      A friend was in Sendai at the time, but luckily on a hill. She had the only rental car that survived from the Sendai Airport...they saw it happen and helped afterwards...they said it was so dark at night with no power and how everything that was there was gone....they were one of the lucky ones. Thank you for writing this hub. up , awesome and useful.

    • steve8miller profile imageAUTHOR

      Steven Miller 

      8 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton

      Yes it seems like it just keeps getting worse for the People in Japan. May God Bless them all.

    • Dovay Lee profile image

      Dovay Lee 

      8 years ago from China

      It is really terribel about this earthquake, I do not know how to describe my mind to Japanese earthquake. Hoep they all get well soon

    • steve8miller profile imageAUTHOR

      Steven Miller 

      8 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton

      Thanks Roger this Nuclear event is really pulling down news headlines around the globe. Hope the brave men and women in Japan get this nuclear crisis contained soon.

    • HRoger profile image


      8 years ago from Online where I can be!

      Hey Steve, great hub man, awesome information. Really does contains a lot of information about this tragedy. Keep it up, take care and God Bless.

    • steve8miller profile imageAUTHOR

      Steven Miller 

      8 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton

      Thank you for your comment. You bring up many valid points.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      It is so devastating and sad, I hardly know what to say. I don't have the knowledge to comment on how this will affect nuclear power in the future, except to say that the world should learn from this and apply the knowledge to all reactors near fault lines - California reactors in particular.

      We are sitting on tons and tons of coal here in PA and they know how to burn it cleanly, so it is a good choice for power production. Each method has it's drawbacks - wind tower fields kill birds and look awful, solar is expensive, etc. I think we just have to learn from our mistakes and make the best decisions we can.

      But right now - it's just time to pray!

    • steve8miller profile imageAUTHOR

      Steven Miller 

      8 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton

      Would love to know what your take is on the Nuclear events following the massive what I now hear was moved to a 9.0 Earthquake in Japan.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Thank you for writing about this. I'm praying for all there but particularly for a friend and his family that live near the Northeastern shore. We've not heard anything. This is just heartbreaking.

    • Lita C. Malicdem profile image

      Lita C. Malicdem 

      8 years ago from Philippines

      Disasters never seem to end, they're even increasing in magnitudes. Earthquake is a natural disaster, no matter how we view it, people are made to suffer because we aren't that prepared when it strikes. Let's pray all together for our victim brothers from Japan.

    • steve8miller profile imageAUTHOR

      Steven Miller 

      8 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton

      Yes it is and with daylight rolling in on Japan the true magnitude of the disaster is revealing itself. Still awaiting comments here. Please tell us what is on your mind.

    • breakfastpop profile image


      8 years ago

      It is hard to wrap your mind around a disaster of this magnitude.

    • steve8miller profile imageAUTHOR

      Steven Miller 

      8 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton

      A hotel in Sundi has recently collapsed due to the 4 meter foot high tsunami hitting them at the moment. Thanks LucidOS for the information.


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