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Japanese phrases for talking between guys

Updated on March 15, 2013


The Japanese language just like the rest of the Asian languages is difficult to learn for the foreigners interested in learning the language. However difficult the language is to the basic learner, he or she has to learn the right phrases that will enable him or her to communicate with friends or workers. Even among the same language speaking individuals, the language spoken differs depending on the age group. The youth are the most diverse when it comes to slang and production of new words. The language spoken by the young generation keeps changing. The reasons for the change are normally to keep the older generation from understanding the content being communicated.

We all pass through this age and we understand the lengths to which the young generation may go to vary their language from the norm to be able to communicate between them. The Japanese youth are no different. For the foreigner who is learning the language, they are bound to realize that the language spoken by the young generation is the most difficult to grasp. The language is so volatile and new terms keep popping up every now and again. The only available means for the learner to keep up is to associate with the young and practice a lot.

Example Phrases

In this lesson, we want to focus on some phrases that would be specifically used between male friends. Following is a list of some of the most common phrases we've seen:

Hey man. Long time no see. -  やあ、お前。久しぶりじゃないか。 - やあ,おまえ.ひさしぶり じゃないか?

I'm a bit stressed -  俺はストレス気味だね。 - おれ は ストレスぎみ だね.

I hear you. - わかったよ。 - わかったよ.

Hey.. look at her. -  おい..彼女を見てみろよ。 - おい かのじょを みてみろ よ.

She's cute. - 彼女は可愛いね。 - かのじょ は かわいい ね.

I want to talk to her -  俺、彼女と話がしたいな。 - おれ,かのじょと はなし が したい な.

Hey man. How have you been? -  おい、お前。最近どうしてた?  - おい,おまえ.さいきん どうしてた?

She's with her friend -  彼女は友達と一緒だぜ。 - かのじょ は ともだち と いっしょ だぜ.

I support you -  俺がお前を助けるよ。 - おれ が おまえを,たすける よ.

Do you have a girlfriend? -  お前は彼女がいるのか?  - おまえ は かのじょ が いる のか?

I have a girlfriend. -  俺には彼女がいるよ。 - おれ には かのじょ が いる よ.

Proud of you! -  お前を誇りに思うよ。 - おまえを ほこり に おもう よ.


These trending topics provide the source for the new vocabulary and if you are not up to date with what is happening in the real world, then you may find yourself afloat listening to a normal conversation between two Japanese guys. The secret therefore is to learn from the youth and to have a liking for popular topics.

The old speak a different language from the youth. When they were young, they also had their slang which they may have carried to their adulthood but with time, the slang vocabulary fades and is replaced by new vocabulary. If you are learning the Japanese language, you have to appreciate this and understand that you can’t learn the language from people who don’t speak it. If you want to learn phrases used by the young, then you need to mingle with the youth. At first you may find it difficult to understand but practice makes perfect. The phrases provided above should go a long way to help you achieve this.


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    • SolveMyMaze profile image


      5 years ago

      Haha, this one really did make me laugh (in a good way). It's always useful to have some of these phrases in your repertoire, especially on a night out. Now, if only my friends could learn these phrases too, we'd be able to discuss certain things without women finding out.

    • Learn-Language profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Australia

      Great point! I didn't want to make the lines too long, but it would be best with romanji, I agree. I'll get round to this when I can.


    • Hezekiah profile image


      6 years ago from Japan

      Nice Hub, I've been living in Japan for 11 years, lovely country and language once you learn it.

      You should also put the Romaji version for beginners who can't read Kana or Kanji yet.


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