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Jasmine - What Does Your Name Mean?

Updated on August 25, 2011

What does the name Jasmine mean, what is its origin and who are the famous Jasmines? Discover the story behind the name.

Name Meaning: Jasmine

Jasmine is a female name pronounced Jaz-min.

The name Jasmine refers to a genus of vines and shrubs in the olive family. The Jasmine most commonly known is a climbing plant with small, delicate, fragrant flowers often used for making perfume and tea.

Jasmine is the Old French derivative of the Persian name 'Yasmin' meaning "gift from God" in Arabic.

Nicknames & Varients of Jasmine

Ismenia, Jas, Jaslyn, Jaslynn, Jasmaine, Jasmeen, Jasmin, Jasmina, Jasminda, Jasmyn, Jasmyne, Jassamayn, Jazan, Jazmaine, Jazmin, Jazmina, Jazmine, Jazmon, Jazmyn, Jazmyne, Jazz, Jazzlyn, Jazzmin, Jazzmine, Jazzmon, Jazzmyn, Jazzmynn, Jess, Jessamine, Jessamy, Jessamyn, Jessie, Jessimine, Jessimine, J'hasmyn, Tasmine, Yasmeen, Yasmene, Yasmin, Yasmina, Yasmine and Yasminia.

Famous Jasmines

Jasmine Guy - American actress, singer and dancer born 1962
Jasmine Al Fayed - British fashion designer born 1980
Jasmine Trias - Filipino American singer born 1986
Jasmine Tatjana Anette Valentin - Finnish singer born 1976
Jasmine Richards - Canadian actress born 1990
Meera Jasmine - Indian actress born 1984
The Jasmine family - American entrepreneurial philanthropic family
Jasmine rice - a type of fragrant rice from Thailand

Jasmine in Fiction

Princess Jasmine - character from the 1992 Disney movie 'Aladdin')
Jasmine - a 1989 novel by Bharati Mukherjee
Jasmine - 1996 Canadian TV series featuring a character 'Jasmine Rocheleau'
Jasmine - 1912 British silent movie

Jasmine in Music


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    • profile image

      Jasmine Price:3 3 years ago

      Jasmine is a popular name, I got my name from my Aunt whose favorite character from Aladdin was Jasmineā¤ It be an supposed to be her first born child's name, but she told my mother and my mother stole the name. That's why I'm my aunts favorite, jk. I dislike being called Jazzman but everybody calls me Jazzy!

    • fridayonmymind profile image

      fridayonmymind 3 years ago

      It's a beautiful name.

    • profile image

      Yasmin or jasmin 3 years ago

      My name is Yasmin or jasmin

    • profile image

      Miss..... 5 years ago

      my name is spelled like jasmine

    • profile image

      jazmine 5 years ago

      i had know idea my name was so popular

    • profile image

      Toya 5 years ago

      I spell my daughters middle name Jazzman

    • profile image

      Resa 6 years ago

      My daughters name J'hasmyn. I love the way I spelled her name.

    • profile image

      jasmine 6 years ago

      wow i didn't know my name was this populaur lool :)

    • profile image

      Laura 6 years ago

      My bunny is named Jasmine. She is so sweet!!!

    • profile image

      jazmyn stephens 6 years ago

      i was just searching wht my name meant ...its so odd and weird that most of jasmines or however you want to spell it were famous singers, actors. i sing and model and i am heading my way up to become something ! i have recently posted my music on itunes,emusic,and cd baby my song is called "why". so maybe one day i can become a famous jazmyn :)

    • profile image

      jorge fonseca 7 years ago

      dios te bendiga

    • profile image

      Nayonika 7 years ago

      this is working when i told the meaning to my friend her name is jasmine she became my friend