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Je Suis Fatigue

Updated on January 23, 2013

Tired or What?

Je suis fatigue….

That’s French for I’m tired….Anyone else tired?

Tired of people who can’t tie their own shoes? Not the ones who don’t have shoes, just the ones too lazy to even learn?

Tired of people who find their lot a result of everything else around them, absolutely nothing to do with their own actions, their own decisions, their own attitudes?

Tired of I can’t find a job, when there are plenty there, but they don’t pay as much as unemployment? So why should they work? Seems reasonable that we should pay for them to sit at home, while we work, because unemployment gives them more for doing absolutely, NOTHING!

Tired of government that is willing to pay without asking for anything in return?

Tired of those who have been trained to blame their parents, their relatives, the people who took the time and care to raise them, give them standards, give them values, but nothing is their fault, so therefore, nothing they do can be changed, because it’s not them, it’s someone else?

Tired of those people who don’t want to be pleased (notice I didn’t say CANT be pleased)…those poor souls who can find something wrong with winning the lottery (even the $5 level), something wrong with someone doing something nice for them, something wrong with people who would take the time to pray for them…..the question Jesus asked was, “Do you WANT to be healed?”

Speaking of “can’t”, tired of businesses telling they “can’t” do something for you when they really mean they “won’t” do something for you? I fought for a while against “can’t” because I believed they could, but it was just a convenient answer.

Tired of people who can’t drive properly, but somewhere along the line, decided it’s okay to drive in such a way that it is dangerous to other people that is scary to their own parents (they don’t know how to NOT be on either the gas pedal or the brake pedal).

Tired of people who don’t have the extra second for the person in front of them to react to the light changing to green without a resounding slam on their horn…excluding New York City taxi drivers, who just can’t help it ( we forgive them)…

Tired of those people who think it’s appropriate to make gestures and foul comments because the line for whatever is just not moving fast enough for their royal butts? And those precious comments are not limited to the poor cashier who is doing the best they can, rather they spread the wealth around to insure that they have embarrassed pretty much anyone within a quarter-mile of their miserable presence.

Tired of those politicians who pander to those who only care about what the politician can do for them? Understandable why half the country wants the candidate who promises that they will take care of them (because they have no intention of trying to take care of themselves), why they vote and rally for them…it’s like the golddigger cheerleader for the sugar daddy….not obvious at all.

Tired of politicians who want to run the country in total deference as to they run their own households…..are these people deeply in debt, and continuing to spend more like they are no-debt millionaires? Of course, they don’t have to use the new Obamacare, they’ve got their own, so they are in violation of the constitution, and no one is holding them accountable…

Tired of your twice elected President lying to you? The man actually said the other day, “we need to pay our bills”, in reference to the debt ceiling that he wants total control over, and wants to increase, but doesn’t want to cut any spending……I’m sorry, but has the American public lost It’s collective mind?

Tired of watching your American given Rights go right down the tube with each liberal vote in Congress? Is Newtown a situation contrived to rally the public to vote against guns in general? Is is so confusing to understand that no matter what laws we legistlate about guns, the criminals will NOT be impressed….why is it so hard to understand that gun violence, outside of the sensational events such as Newtown, Virginia Tech, or Aurora’s Cinemas, are done by criminals, not law-abiding citizens? I don’t own a gun, but I can take you out promptly with a crossbow…..the point is, law abiding citizens are not our problem…..those who are not fully loaded in their own brains, those who do not care about the human race, those who only care about their own agendas….those are the people you need to be concerned about. The last I checked, people kill people, and they do it in MANY different ways….guns generally don’t fire themselves.

Tired of retailers using employees who have no clue about how to treat a customer? Tired of the employee who thinks he/she is doing you a favor by actually taking care of your purchase, or getting your food, or resolving your problem?

Tired of dealing with the bankers, the utility company employees, credit card employees who all think that you are the problem and YOU should prove that they haven’t done their job? What happened to the customer is right? Well , I can tell you. Some have taken such advantage of that position of some good businesses that they have tainted what the real customer concerns are, and thus have tainted the response at the front counter level of exchange. Business’s today that are gaining, are caring about their customers, artfully dodging those who would take advantage of the businesses’ generosity and customer care, and daring to push to insure that each customer is fully satisfied.

To which is why I say, we need representatives who actually care about their constituents, who actually put those people in front of their ability to generate votes in an election.

Don’t be a Republican, a Democrat, an Independent, be a person who is willing to confront those who would fatigue you with their sorry attitudes. Be a person who will look at the cards some people are dealing, and call them on them. Be a person who will not accept what they hear from the media as being the truth, but be a person who will take the time to research the truths, and insure their position is full of truth, not rhetoric.

Je suis fatigue….but I’m not dead and I will respond, will you?


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