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Jobs For College Students

Updated on October 22, 2009

College And Jobs

More college students need jobs now than ever before. This is because the high price of tuition puts a degree out of the reach of most students unless they get a job. High tuition costs and costly loans are a major drawback to going to college which was once thought of as something you needed to do to get ahead.

Jobs for college students can be almost anything and the range in pay can be quite big. Many students want something that they can do in their downtime that is not too taxing. Working in a library, cafeteria, rec center, or even making extra money as an RA are some of the jobs that might fall into this category. These jobs will pay the minimum wage and never much more than that but at least it is a job that can be done easily in your spare time.

Higher Paying Jobs

Many students want (or need) something more challenging that pays better. They may want something like this to challenge themselves or just because they need the better pay. Students who are majoring in business or science might qualify for part time jobs that will pay reasonably well and are only open to students that have the required background and experience.

One of the drawbacks of having a job like this is that it is a responsibility that you have to keep and perform well in. Any job a college student gets will take away from the recreation time they have and the time they might allot to studying. However, if bills need to be paid, getting a side job while in college is the only option.

What Employers Expect

Once you make it to college, employers and everyone else view you as adults. This means that they expect more from you than when you were in high school. Employers will often want to see a resume before they will hire you and you will need to present yourself as an adult.

Getting a job while in college is a smart choice for many students because it gives them something to put on their resume for when they graduate. Employers always like to see people with work histories and if you have made the effort to hold a job while in school, that will be a positive thing in the eyes of prospective employers.

Jobs for college students can be fun and you can make new friends along the way as well. If you have to work your way through college, take heart in the fact that you are not the only one. As the price of an education keeps going up, one has to wonder if the time is near where everyone will have to work. Then the problem will be, as it is now, a lack of the availability of jobs.

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