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Justice and Wisdom

Updated on May 15, 2009

Why isn't life fair? This is a question I posed to a friend, following a difficult time in my life. You know what she said to me? "Life isn't fair! FaRe is only for buses and trains!" Of course, I looked at her as if she just landed her spaceship on earth. So... she explained what she meant.

Being quite spiritual, as the two of us are, she began with the only book that has the answers... the bible. The bible tells us, we are not just living on this earth alone... nor, are we being ruled by the govenment, by themselves. This world is being ruled by, none other than, Satan, the devil. Now, think about it. What do we see in the world today? Love, patience, kindness, peace? Of course not! Those are things we would see under God's righteous rule. Instead, we see evil, hatred, violence, corruption and all sorts of other, negative things. This simply proves that Satan is in control, and not God.

That being said, the world is full of injustice. Just, look at our country's government. What do we see there? Sincerity, brotherly love and teamwork? No! Just the opposite. Things like vindictiveness, dishonesty, greed and animosity... those are things we see from the people here, on the earth. So, it's truly no wonder why people today aren't "fair." What role models do we have that exhibit fairness, worldwide? Not the political leaders. Many heads of households don't even exhibit justice and fairness, in their own homes.

So... where will we find justice, or will we? Of course we will, just not while someone as evil and vindictive as Satan is in control. When you know that this is a fact, then you have faith, that... no matter what happens to you- no matter what man does to you, whether he's "fair" or not- there WILL be justice one day, on earth! We are PROMISED that!

With that in mind, we can live our lives here knowing there's something much better in store for us... something NO MAN can take away! That is, God's love for us and his promise that, things are going to improve for us. Isn't that a comforting thought? I thought so!

To get back to our conversation... I was starting to see what she meant when she said, things in this world will never be fair. It's true. Unfortunately, they won't; however... if we live our lives following God's teachings, then we will see that just day come.

Now, when my teenager comes to me and says, "Moooooom... that's not fair!," I simply say, "You're right, honey. It's NOT fair, but someday it will be!" Once I explained the whole thing to him, then he (like me;) understood where I was coming from. I imagine, it may be a bit more difficult to explain to a younger child... one less analytical. If you start early, though, using the bible as your guide, then they, too, will learn that the world's not this "perfect, little place" that gives us what we want, when we want it. I think that's the mistake a lot of parents (including myself) make... not teaching their children anything about life. That is not good. It will set our children up for failure every, single time!

We owe it to the next generation of people (our children) to give them what many of us lacked... the truth. We don't have to get all gory and graphic on them. Just, teach them that life is real, and it's not all roses. Sometimes, we do fall down, we do make mistakes and we do not always make the right choices... and, that's O.K.! We're all imperfect humans, but one thing's for sure... if there's ANY justice to be found, in the world, it's to be found in the pages of God's holy word.


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    • audreana71 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from WV

      Thank you! I appreciate it=) Feel free to join my fan club! I love sharing my writing with others... especially when I think it might help someone out there;) Take care!


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