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KINDERGARTEN TUTORIAL LESSONS (Letter Cc): Fun Activities and Exercises for Kids

Updated on March 11, 2015
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I am a certified teacher and had been teaching for more than 30 years. My hubs sum up all my knowledge about education. See you around.

C is for cake:

The Letter Cc:

C is a confusing letter especially for beginner readers so what we do is teach only the (k) sound of letter Cc. Meaning we only teach the children words like; can, car, or cat but not the words that have the (s) sound like cent, cement, chef.

We will concentrate on the words that have the (k) sound. Once you introduce letter Cc, you follow it with the sound. The sound of C that we are discussing is the same as K.

Here are words that begin with Cc:

  • car
  • cart
  • card
  • camp
  • cash
  • cartoon
  • carp
  • cable
  • cotton
  • coat
  • crayon
  • crib
  • cry
  • crow
  • crumb
  • cup
  • cute
  • cub
  • cube

More Activities

Show and Tell

Show and tell is a very common way of teaching young kids. You show the object or picture to the kids then the kids will identify what you showed. There are so many objects that begin with C so limit the objects that you show to avoid wasting time for only one activity. The kids will learn more about the C words as you go.

You can have another variation of this activity. You can describe the object and let the children guess what the object is before finally showing it to them. This is more fun because the kids will all want to have a good guess so all of them will be thinking hard.

For example:

  1. “I have a pet at home. It is white and furry. It says, meow, meow.”

I’m sure all the children know the answer to this and they will all be shouting, cat.

2. “This has 4 wheels. Dad drives it. You ride in it and it brings you wherever you want. What is it?”

Give simple but clear descriptions when you describe something so that the kids will easily understand and guess the object you are asking.

Eating Time:

During snack time, you can share some food to the kids such as; cake, cookies or candies. Tell the kids that the food begins with C. The food that children eat will better register in their mind especially if they like the food.

Project Time:

C is for castle.

You can have a castle project and let the kids have fun with shapes and colors. First you have to show them how to make the castle. Help them organize and paste all the parts in a whole sheet of bond paper or drawing paper. When everybody has pasted the castle parts tell them to color the castle. To encourage the kids to make their castle beautiful; tell them that you will hang the best work in the bulletin board. Hang the sample in front of the classroom for the kids to see and follow.

There’s another variation of this project. Use the toilet paper empty roll for the tower. Make cones for roofs out of cardboard. Then use colored paper for the windows or you can cut holes on the rolls for windows. Then you can make use of colored paper wrapped in toothpick for the flags. For the base, you can use a rectangular box.

For projects, any idea is a good idea for as long as the kids have fun doing them.

Parts of the castle:

Finished Castle

Other Activities:

  1. Coloring
  2. Tracing for the younger kids
  3. Writing Cc in the blank for the older kids
  4. Matching letters and pictures
  5. Matching letters to pictures
  6. Identify and circle the correct beginning letter

There are more games and activities for letter C if you are creative enough to think of ideas.


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