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Karma ... The Powerful Unseen Dictator

Updated on April 18, 2011

Spread Hugs and Love!

The Source of Life and Beauty of Love
The Source of Life and Beauty of Love | Source

Creating Better Karma...For A Better Future

While being a child we're taught to listen, to pay attention, to be polite, and to be cooperative. We're given as much guidance as possible, from what is known by the parent, or care giver. It's a margin of 40-60 Percent, joined with Involuntary Influence which could range anywhere from 20-60 Percent or higher. Our lives are made up of percentages, and margins. A predestined conditioning, called "Tradition". What is allowed to influence, will. What is repelled is maintained as ignorance. Contact with the outside world will greatly influence, and change an individual if the individual allows it, or succumbs to it. Hence we have the subject of brain washing.

Depending on "How you turn out", at any point in time, you will always be made up of many, many pieces of experiences, people, words said to you, events that happened, & things that affected you. This is the "whole" you, and when looked at mathematically, some things may not compute. These would be the areas that can be removed. Similar to organizing a computer, and partitioning your contents. You would do the same thing with your brain for your memories, knowledge, feelings, etc. Should you happen upon a section of depression, dispose of it, and work only on the areas of production, and smooth out the wrinkles. Focusing on all the good points of yourself, and developing them will inevitably allow you to recreate yourself, and become the true fully developed individual you were meant to become.

The catch in life is, "You Reap What You Sow". Intangible, golden rule to life. Treat Others, as You Wish To Be Treated. What you "do" comes right back to you. All of these statements are very real, and very true. Mathematically it has been confirmed that Karma does indeed exist. It can be "Back-Tracked", and calculated. It is said that Karma Comes Back "Ten Fold". That's a pretty startling number, if you think about it. For every "Bad", or "Wrong" thing you "Do", or "Say" to people... it comes back to you "Ten Fold". I suppose that will be keeping many of us, very, very busy for quite some time.

There is an evil sector in our Society, where you have crime, murder, rape, and more. These individuals are leading the life of a maniac, with no rules, and others do not matter. They have given up their strength, and human power, and are now hunted like dogs. It's crossing over to a place, one can never return from. Negative Karma, may have set the foundation on which their evil ways became the only way.

Evil which "hosts" a human body, and is walking loose in our Society, will only be removed from our presence 'If" people are paying attention. Protecting you family, friends, and neighbors from them. Not turning away, when you should be witnessing. You have to guide yourself according to how "You" would want it handled, if it were "You", laying there in the street bleeding to death from the attacker, mugger, rapist, or murderer. You have to decide what "kind" of Karma you wish to have, then make your move accordingly.

For the attackers, Karma is now set in stone. The line has now been crossed. The "Dark Plateau" has been chosen. It's a "One Way" ticket, and there is no refund, returns, or exchanges. People who have chosen this destructive path, are merely taking their own personal frustrations, short comings, and ineptness out on innocent by-standers. Coupled with the fact that they're usually severely disturbed mentally, does not show promise of a very safe society. Our people "can" be safe if we protect each other, and watch out for each other. Actually making an "effort" to "watch out" for each other. It doesn't matter if you "Know" them, if they're not holding a sword to your throat, they may in fact be "OK".

Cynicism and negativity thrive on each other, as do people. The "People" control how things work in "Society". Working for the "many" as opposed to the "One" is what "Empowers Us", to control, and eliminate dangers to "All of Us". Paying Attention to what goes on around us, is the answer for a better Society. One in which it's "People" feel safe. Working together is the only way to logically share the planet.

Back track in your life to calculate what your Karma might currently be. Only you will know the real answer. Keeping in mind we also come in contact with "Other People's" Karma too. This is what usually is referred to as, "Chaos". Mix all of our Karma together, and the results are a bit overwhelming. Considering the many horrible things we see, and hear in our travels, and on the News each day, the signs are not good.

Guiding yourself according to consequences you "wish" to have. What do you wish to come back to you, since it is "Ten Fold". Would it make sense to say, "Good"? Nobody usually "orders" "Bad" right? Yet certain individuals will be ordering, "Bad" once they've committed an evil act against humanity. That's the line you cross only once, never to return. It's actually "Trickery", and these evil entities didn't get it. It's ground in their own head stone, already...made to order by them personally.

Doing what is right, is what will protect you from, "Ten Fold" negative Karma. Doing what is good, is what will bring back to you, what you gave. It's actually all math. The number of forces that join together, rule together. Protecting what is sacred, is what is essential. What is essential is the "People', and the "Planet". There is nothing else of value here. The people Have great strength, when all forces bond together.

They say, "Choose your friends, wisely". "You are the company, you keep". "Guilt by association". They're all true, and they all play a part in which way our lives go. You "Will" be affected, by what your friend did, and visa versa. You hang out with murders, and criminals, then you are condoning what they do, and you now catch the bad Karma that is coming to them, by being a part of it. "Ten Fold", is "ten times" the act committed, to the negative side of the spectrum. Ten Times The Crime! According to the Japanese, you get your families bad Karma too. It supposedly carries over to your family, and loved ones. Setting a predestined course for future generations to come.

Whether Karma, or just inevitable consequences, it is a valuable synopsis of what is best to guide humans to live in peace, and harmony. It's something all people want, and reach for, but usually don't achieve. Many forces coming at them at once, interfering with all plans, and goals. Events which dictate things, in turn canceling your plans in life. On a moments notice, life can change dramatically. The odds are actually stacked against us. There is danger at every turn. This dictates strength must be present in order for man to prevail. Combating the evil forces, by working together in a united force of people, who do know the right way.

Our future depends on it's people being "Good" to each other. Focusing on the positive turns we can take, instead of dwelling on death, and promoting all the negatives. Strength, thought, and fight. Stand up, and start helping clean up this mess! We have a planet to save, and people to protect!. Redemption is attainable for some, but there's never any guarantee in life.

You get 100 years or so to make your mark. Leave us with something of value to help educate others. Leave this planet, with something "Good" you can do for, "It". The chance you take by not "doing good" for, and by other people, is risking your own plans for "your" life... You may have just "spent it", on the person you just did wrong by. It's the things you want the most, that could be eliminated by Karma. You'll be too busy living the "Ten Fold" consequences, you won't have time for any plans.

Your "Consequences", or your "Karma" will prevail. Proceeding forward to meet your own peril. Correcting our planet "now" is critical. Our human strength is what can save it. Save our planet, save ourselves. It may not be too late to achieve a harmonic balance, if we join together, and fight for "the peoples cause". Our right to a healthy life, and a flourishing planet. This is how the human race sustains life on this very small planet. We are merely a grain of sand in the vast universe.

Our planet is telling us, and we need to listen "now". It's the message that will save, and protect "all" of us. Put back "all" the plants, and trees, and anything else that was taken or destroyed, so the planet can recover from the incredible damage we have so selfishly caused upon it. Do "good" for all you come in contact with, commit yourself to joining forces "with" your family, friends, or neighbors. We all get approximately the same allotted time frame to be here. Depending on how you live, and what you do "to", and "for" others, appropriate consequences will be inevitable, and unavoidable.

Start the chain reaction with: Planting some trees on your property, then smile, and wave at your neighbor. Eat what grows from the Earth, it will keep you alive, and well.

Patronizing the Earth, affords it the opportunity to help "us" grow, and thrive. We have all the abilities, technologies, and ways, and means to accomplish this smooth, and by the numbers. The people of the planet, just need to lock arms together, and start moving forward. It's our choice... It's the People who control everything, let us not forget this important fact. Working together, with the planet, we can create better Karma for all of us.


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    • BrainFire profile image

      MotherGoddessEarth 6 years ago from The Island

      Thanks Johnyjane!

      I love to point out the mathematics in everything. It's a tool I use to free people of the heavy emotional burdens they carry. Stripping all of the emotion away usually exposes the real source of the matter, or even antimatter, for that I just changed history today, and yesterday too. So did you, and so did the guy down the block, and so on. Every single action and non action of every person makes an imprint on time and space, moment to moment. Not necessarily the way we see time either.

      Dr. Chopra, Edgar Cayce, Japanese teachings, Mayan, and so many more that I can think of all had historic documentation about karma. Edgar Cayce, and Dr. Chopra are probably my 2 favorites. In depth writing, discussions, readings available from them. I feel they are gifts, and should be cherished with love. Which is another favorite subject of mine. :)

      Thanks again for visiting and commenting!

      Spread Love and Hugs! Live Good Karma!

    • johnyjane profile image

      johnyjane 6 years ago from London

      You are bang on target this is what causing humanity a loss when not followed in letter and spirit. KARMA it follows us everywhere to reward back according to our deeds.