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Keeping Your Children Safe On The Internet

Updated on March 11, 2010

Keeping Your Children Safe On The Internet

Since I do not have any children, I often wonder what would I have done to safeguard my children, If I would have ever had any perusing the internet. Here are some tips that you can use to ensure your child’s safety on the net.

*Put filtering software on their computer, if the computer is not in an area where it can widely monitored

*Know what sites your child is accessing, by being knowledgeable about how to perform certain functions on the computer(s) in your home.

*Never allow your child to put personal or exchange personal information on the net .

The parents should be the Administrator of the computers, verifying that you know what passwords you are giving them, in the event you have to lock their account, or revoke their internet privileges.

Devise a schedule that your child must adhere to for times, when your child can access the internet. If need be load automation software on the computer, that grants the child access at those times the parents have deemed appropriate.

· Do not allow the child to have excessive access to the Internet on the computer, too much of anything can be bad, so verify that your child is not spending too much time on the net, where he or she is neglecting other things in their life.

Know the chat jargon and net lingo that exists, or that your child is using, be vigilant with staying abreast, or on top of the slang being used on the net.

·* DO not allow your child to bring any person he or she has met on the net, unless you have thoroughly ran a background check on them, and you know that this person or individuals are not a threat to your child or your family.

Most of all, know what your child is doing, and take time, by spending time with your child when he or she are on the net, or on the computer.


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