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Key to be successful in life|How to change mindset

Updated on May 31, 2014

I love the old adage that goes like “Your life is the physical manifestation of your thoughts”. If you doubt this old adage, just allow me to work with your imagination for a while. Let me take you back to childhood. Who was your hero? Your dad? A Hollywood star? A football star? The rich lawyer next door? A fancy car or a luxury house in a country side?

When you were a child you mimicked your dreams with whatever you wished to represent your hero or dream with. You used toys and dolls to represent your deeper dreams when you did your child play with them. As you grew to a teenage years in high school, your dream gradually became specific. Maybe you lost interest in all other dreams and wanted to be like the rich lawyer next door and own a luxury house in the suburb. You probably pictured how your life would be if you became a layer and own a fancy car.

The question is do you have it now? Congratulation to those that actually have their dream materialize. The question now is did you really know how your dream came to materialize? One may say, yes! I worked so hard and got what I dreamt of. I agree. If you did worked hard, did you spend sometimes at night or when you are alone wonder how wonderful it would to have your dream come true? Yes you can’t deny you did. You pictured in your mind the house, the money, the profession and that kept you going till you got there. For those who aren’t there yet, you are lucky as this is the most important article you will read. Learn the key to creating greater wealth in life. Unleash your infinite potential and live your wildest dreams.

When I was a child a dreamt to be an agriculturalist. I dreamt of field work, tending to plants and animals, the science laboratories, chemicals, apparatuses and all those fancy equipments. I dreamt about it so bad that I worked hard, graduated and became one. Along the way I saw rich and powerful dominating the society. I wanted to be one, but one that makes a lot of money and shares but live a very simple down to earth life and teach secrets to success with my readers. I am just coming to realizing this dream. Like a puzzle, all the pieces are falling into their perfect spots. Looking back to my life, I ask myself why? Come in mind with me and let’s take this journey to set your on a path to achieving your wildest dreams.

The magic word is MINDSET.

I have seen many dynamic business ideas come into market just to die the next few years. I have seen highly talented sports men and women come out to the sport arena just to lose their vigor and kill their talent. I have seen many great marriage falls into chaos. Why? Mindset. Our body and mind are chemically bonded and designed to work in union for perfect results. Body that lives the mind easily gets hurt.

Sometime something happens and you find yourself in a situation where your mind completely goes blank or goes to a faraway place and your find yourself being mindless even when your body is present. Put in simply. You are present in body but absent in mind.

This absent-minded body is vulnerable to greater physical damage. The same principle applies to anyone who tries to achieve their dreams. Your body and mind must be together when you start the journey and finish it. If your body is set to achieve your dream but your mind is somewhere else, trust me you will be like the Israelites who made an 11 days journey in 40 years as told in Holy Bible. Isn’t this amazing? 11 days journey made in 40 years. This is ridiculous isn’t it?

Do you want to change your mindset and make it in 11 days or remain unchanged and make it in 40 years or never change at all?

So how do you change your mindset?


Be aware of your thoughts

Changing your mindset isn’t an overnight thing to achieve. But it can be changed if you start right now. To change your mindset, first of all you have to be aware of your thoughts. Why? Because thoughts create reality.

What do you think about always? Do you always worry about your bills? Your fiancée that she/he may betray you? Your co-workers who puts you off? Do you fear about losing your job? And the list goes on infinitely?

Or do you think about starting your own business? Having a wonderful family, going for vacations. Owing a luxury house or your dream car or a good health, serving others etc etc?

According to quantum physics, our energy follows our attention. If one focuses attention on negative situations, every day and perfects it through practice, the thought eventually materializes. Likewise to positive thoughts.

So be aware of your thought patterns and start practicing to change negative thoughts to positive thoughts and practice it daily to perfect it. Human mind can only be manipulated and change through practice. There is no other way to change a human mind.

Watch your words

What words are you using every day? Positive or negative words? Words are the most powerful tool on earth. Words heal or kill. If you want to change your mindset, refrain from using negative words…Because the more negative words you use, your mind becomes conditioned naturally to prevent you from achieving success in life.


Watch your friends

Who do you normally hang around with? Friends that complain, swear and gossip? Are your friends full of ‘Ifs’ and ‘BUTs’

Read carefully these few lines: “You just can’t do it, forget it” “I can do this but”, I want that but” “If only I had the knowledge” “if only I was smarter and stronger”, “I wish there was enough time”….


Are your friend like “Hey let’s find a way to solve this problem” “I know you can still do better if you try a little bit harder” “Keep trying, you’ll get there”

If you want to change your mindset, change your friends. It’s not easy to do so but its beneficial for you and your friends to get out of that negative mindset. You departure might teach them lessons to chose friends who will help them be successful in life.

Watch the books you read

This sounds not important but it is a vital department that shapes your future. The types of books you read influence your thought, thus your words and eventually build your characters. That is why successful people invest their time on reading books on success, attending seminars and conferences’ on success and so on. So if you want to change your mindset, read books on how to change your mind set. Successful people know too well not to waste time on just about any books or movies as their time are well planed ahead every day, month and years.

It’s not bad to enjoy other books for pleasure at times but don’t make them become your life. Read books about that will help you become successful.


I believe in the art of serving people and that brings me greater rewards. Those that have the heart to serve prosper in life because they command universal blessings. You serve and you will be served and this is A Universal Law of Success.

That is why help you get your mindset in order with no false promises based on how I started from nothing and built, what helps drives me forward with Millionaires Mindset and the reality that poverty is unacceptable in my life, my attitude to negativity and my love for adding value to my life every day.


So if you just dream, talk about it WITHOUT doing anything and you do it every day, your practice makes it perfect for you to stay in poor or broke life or just unsuccessful in life. If you want to be successful in whatever you do in life, think and act like a successful person in what you do. Be aware of your thoughts, words, friends and books you read.

I wish you success in life


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    • Jynzly profile image

      Jenny Pugh 4 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA

      Glad to read this hub. A feeling of "belongingness" to a similar-minded human. I also "preach" and live the principles you write here. Thumbs up.

    • Ruby H Rose profile image

      Maree Michael Martin 4 years ago from Northwest Washington on an Island

      "A millionaires mindset", I like that. Great read, positively.

    • Ian Dabasori Hetr profile image

      Ian D Hetri 5 years ago from Papua New Guinea

      @WhydThatHappen. All I can say is you are a great friend. I appreciate all your comments on my hubs.. Thanks so very much.

      @Angella Brummer. Thanks for sharing.

      @Being Well. Woh! What a gesture of great hub love you displayed. Read, commented, vote up and shared. I'm speeachless. Will read your hubs and do the same.

      Newbies and veteran hubbers alike, I have lately produce more hubs on making income online as freelance writer. Learn from those hubs, the art of freelance writing and source jobs easily from sites lisyed ib my lates hubs. Regards. Ian.

    • beingwell profile image

      beingwell 5 years ago from Bangkok

      Very nice hub. I had to visit.

      Voted up, shared and useful.

    • Angela Brummer profile image

      Angela Brummer 5 years ago from Lincoln, Nebraska

      This is very inspiring! Great article and I will share!

    • profile image

      WhydThatHappen 5 years ago

      I noticed another thing about your writing style, you're an engaging read.

    • profile image

      jessie10 5 years ago

      I totally agree with you. Thanks for coming along and commenting. Thanks for the vote. Regards


    • Jessi10 profile image

      Jessica Rangel 5 years ago from Lancaster, CA

      This is such a great hub. I couldn't agree more with you. There is so much more to being successful than simply working towards success, you also have to think about what you want to accomplish and change how you think.

      I find that I am the most successful when I put my mind to it, and I step out of the box more.

      Liked this hub! voted up!