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Khanyi your personality is as playful, and colorful as a crayon.

Updated on March 13, 2016

Khanyi Gods most elaborate creation.



Put yourself first.

You have done well, you are only 23 yet you are profound.
If you have to take care of your siblings, do not neglect yourself, as you will not be able to focus your energies and do BEST.

Make the most of your current job, although you feel you deserve better, it is what you have right now, use it as a platform to get skills, it could set you up to your next job which with experience could be a career.

Save, save save, every penny counts, no matter how little it may seem.
Spoil yourself progressively going out occasionally, yet getting an item of clothing once every two weeks would be more beneficial as it will boost your self esteem.

As you said you are not in Love, What is that?

I do not know myself, yet I guess it is a yearning to belong, to be needed.


One wish would be to have my father back‎.

That is the root of your happiness, number one, your Love for your Dad will guide you, remember make him proud in all you do.

Do not be afraid to talk to him, as though he is right besides you.When you are weak, close your eyes, pray, meditate, cry, ask him dad why did you leave me, to face this battle called life, when I was so young and venerable.‎Pour it all out, with time, you will feel his presence y‎ou will grow stronger.

Introspection gives birth to clarity.


You look like a dream that God had when he created the world, yet he said let there be darkness and light within 7 days the earth and heavens were created.
It took the Lord 2002 A.D years to craft you, you are one of his most elaborate creations.

Your complexion is that of a bone that is yellow.Your *as is firm yet it jiggles slightly and proportionally like jellow.Your mood is mellow.Your personality is colourful and playful like a crayon.

African Empress, may Life be kind.

May your wit, tame your challenges, giving birth to declarations of victory, health, happiness, comfort and laughter.


Stack your paper.

Stand on your lonesome.

Spend lots of time with self, so you can get to know the depths, as well as essence and springs of your desires.

I would tell you to get a ride as fly as you, that would be pink Bentley with white seats.Personalised plate "Ngilosi" perhaps Angel k

When you are able with time to save R10 000 a month after all expenses, with out the aid of a *igger. As that will be savings of R120 000 a year R 1.2 million every 10 years without compound interest.‎You should be around age 28 touch wood.

‎38 first paid up crib.‎

48 second paid up crib.

58 third paid up crib.

Your siblings, loved ones.‎


Grand Children will have a nice pillow in society a‎nd stature.‎100 000 euros to shop till you can't shop no more, in Italy and Paris.

Dreams to be nourished, it all starts with today.

God's Poet Nkosi

Nkosinathi Ncala


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