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Khumo, you must be a gift from God?

Updated on January 23, 2016

Khumo touring Africa.


Khumo, are you a gift from God.

You must be a gift from God?



I know we have just met, yet you look really interesting.
Wait I got, I got..
I will tell you in a moment, it is at the tip of my tongue.
Ok, it's edging towards my fingers tips.
What, you are the only thing on my mind right now.
It is as though you hath seen what dwell in my heart.
I was right, you are amazing!

I know we just met, yet some souls have walked this path called earth, only to cross paths in familiar soils, speaking different languages, yet the memories are so vivid and clear.
Like the wind, it's origin, no man's land, yet providing a gentle breeze for children that play,perhaps a couple walking their dogs in the park.A simple stroll on the shores of the ocean, as the gentle winds, carry the waves which become fierce at high tide, even when full moon ‎breaks.

I am Nkosinathi, Hi nice to meet you.

Hi! Nkosi you quite pleasant yet very forward.
Are you like this with all strangers?

To be honest, none have kept me intrigued by by their calmness, mental posture, and spacious physic, so the answer would be no, we could not ever been strangers, we just had not met in the flesh.

I am Khumo,

Khumo the gorgeous, it is gratitude to be in your presence, my being is over whemled with seeds of joy, perhaps that may spout, in our not too distant tomorrow.

You a angel on earth.

You too sweet, Nkosi.Yet in reality angels live in Heaven.
To be angel, should you not have surpassed the trails of humanity‎?


Perhaps Khumo you are here to grace and bless us with your presence.
Your beauty is astonishing, perhaps it could save us?
Perhaps you could enlighten me?

Wait, hold on you being ridiculous now, I have dreams, which need to be fulfilled just like you.
True, yet ain't never quite come across an angel suttle, yet as stunning as you.

Are you from around Midrand, I reside in Vorna Valley.
No, i reside in Bloemfontein in a province known as the Free State.I came to collect my final year‎ LLB results from UNISA.

As to allow me to materialise a large chunk of my independence and dreams, now that I have redeemed myself, as well as made my parents proud after all their sacrifices.

Stay focused, determined and positive.

Nkosi what are you doing with your life? I am a Poet, I write hubs, and articles for Hubpages the satisfaction from the publishers rating on my work, jubilates ‎any traits of self doubt and pity.For a living I am customer service senior consultant in the call center industry, I am currently unemployed, seeking employment.With the prohibition to study Psychology and lecture on life skills in my spare time at psychiatric wards, schools , my community and universities.

Khumo are you on social media.What's App only.

Nkosi as amazing sweet as you are.

A girl, as fine as me, can not be a damsel in distress.
Yet true of love, starts with the germination of two seeds a male and female.For survival we mate.We find love.Yet what is love between the union of two souls?
I believe in the love of self.

Finding self.



As well as preserving all the earth, nourishes ‎life with.
Life is from God.
Yet the love of two soul could be the destruction of the innocence, the extinction of our very exsistance, from evil, source the devil.

Look in the mirror, you will see the reflection of eternity?White magic, a reflection of light, black magic.

Motives are tainted by our experiences, what we have seen, shapes our very being.
Be cautious, some words haunt us for eternity.
Some actions, are like being buried alive, suicide in essence is betrayin‎g one's own principles and philosophy, you can no longer live with what you have become as well as what you stand for as a human being.

Ever seen a animal kill itself, when it is injured and can no longer hunt or fend for itself?

absolutely not?

Rather the grim reality, become a sitting duck and meet your demise.

Life is cruel, a King knows no mercy, yet the loyalties of society are shaped by the class and social hog wash, they fed our parents and grand parents as well the cycle continues with us at birth.

We start dying the minute we are attached to breath.

I would love to be blessed with your digits Ngilosi(Angel)

I would love to leave this Earth with an invisible crystal clear image of you, that my goodness is whole in your eyes.

Khumo I guess that means goodbye.
Nkosi, no player, think of our experience and brief meeting, all these brutal yet kind words, along with your tears, will be comfort when you CRY.

Good Bye Khumo.

May Life be a sweet dream, Nkosi

God's Poet Nkosi

Nkosinathi Ncala


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