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Killing Zombies

Updated on March 28, 2012

Zombie Hunter

Now go hunt em down!
Now go hunt em down!

Zombie Horde

How To Kill A Zombie

By: Cow Flipper

The outbreak has happened, the undead walk among the living and their numbers are rising. The smell of rotting flesh is in the air and you are now all alone against the zombie hordes. How do you protect yourself? How does one dispatch one of the undead? Not to worry, by the time you are finished reading this hub you will be able to not only protect yourself from an attack by a zombie, but you will be able to permanently put the reanimated corpse at rest.


Zombies though blind, and deaf have a sixth sense of where to find humans... Just the mere presence of a person nearby will alert a zombie of your position. Don't be fooled into thinking that these walking dead are smelling you out. They no longer use their senses like we do. They are rotting corpses with only the mind of an insect. They are attracted to humans by the proximity of being near us. This is pretty frightening to think about. Your best bet is to keep your distance of any populated areas where the undead are still hunting down the population. The undead find cities and towns great places to round up humans and feast on their flesh because of the large numbers of victims to be found. Use your head, find the farthest place from human in-habitation you can. If you must go into a populated area to resupply yourself with those things you need to have to survive then you must keep mobile, be quick, and get out fast. Always travel by day so you have a clear line of sight of all the area you are heading into and always go in armed.

Killing Zombies:

Zombies no longer have to worry about things like dying. Their organs no longer function, so even blowing up a zombie will not kill it. The only way to kill a zombie or to put one out of action is to obliterate the lymbic part of the brain. This is the part of the brain that controls our natural functions like breathing and our hearts. In a zombie this is the only functioning living part of the body. Scientists speculate that the virus has reconstituted the cells of the lymbic brain and drives the body like a vehicle with the same veracity and hunger the virus itself has. So if you want to dispatch a zombie you must shoot it behind the ear or near the base of it's skull. In films they show a frontal head wound killing the zombie, like shooting it between the eyes or stabbing it in the head, but that is Hollywood for you. No, you must destroy the primitive brain structures where the virus is inhabiting and reanimating the corpse.

Ways To Do It:

  • A shotgun works best since it can blow a head clean off, but you must be close to the zombie and if you are surrounded by undead hordes you don't want them any place near ya.
  • Larger caliber hand guns also work well such as a 45 cal. These guns are also tricky since again your target must be close enough to shoot it.
  • Hunting rifles work very well against the undead but the bolt action will not be good in a close combat situation (unless you use the gun as a club). They are best used to take out larger numbers of zombies at a safe distance to sniper and pick them off with a scope.
  • Blunt objects - crowbars, machetes, and baseball bats are all good for a one on one fight with a zombie as long as you hit that SOB just right. Remember not to get the blood of a zombie in an open wound or into the soft tissues of the nose, mouth, or eyes when you are in a close combat fight.
  • Fire works but it takes a long time to kill a zombie, they do eventually die but remember that a zombie on fire can be a very bad thing. If you are running from a burning zombie in a place that is flammable, buildings, a gas station, and even a forest, these places would not be good places to burn a zombie.
  • Explosives are great but may not have the desired effect. As far as killing the zombie you probably won't kill it with an explosive. Explosives should be used to scatter a horde of zombies and do damage to them physically in case you are being hunted down. This will slow them down and allow you more time to get away.

Now that you know how to kill a zombie you can learn how to survive the zombie apocalypse at my End Times Survival Hub there you can find a list of supplies and ideas on how to survive such a catastrophe.


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    • mythbuster profile image


      6 years ago from Utopia, Oz, You Decide

      Excellent hub - particularly where you mention the zombie's sixth sense detail. I thought a zombie's sense of smell was keener and this sense is what made zombies able to find human flesh so well - but maybe I am wrong. I thought that if a zombie showed up and I had to hide carefully, perhaps I could just pull a..... hey - did you hear that?

      That knocking... over by the window.

      Back later - gotta grab my bug out bag and scoot...

    • profile image

      k.e and j.g 

      8 years ago

      ZOMG ZOMBIES!!!!!

    • Konstantinos profile image


      8 years ago

      Well the coolest way to kill zombies would be shooting them from a high speed jet and dropping bombs at zombie infested places!!!


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