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Kindergarten Lessons (Letter U): Fun and Creative Activities for Kids

Updated on March 11, 2015
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I am a certified teacher and had been teaching for more than 30 years. I also write fiction and non-fiction stories.

Fun Activities for Letter U:

This is becoming more interesting to the kids because today is the first day when the kids will learn about letter U. Letter U is the last vowel that the kids will learn and it is important to see if the kids have learned their past lessons and they know the other vowels.

This is the 5th week that you are teaching the vowels and it is easier to teach the kids and introduce another letter.

Do not introduce U first to the kids. Always review first the past lessons.

Always sing the Alphabet Song

Kids who are too young cannot be forced to do their work.  Let them hold a toy if needed.
Kids who are too young cannot be forced to do their work. Let them hold a toy if needed.

Do not forget to let each child recite the letters when you are done saying the sound of each letter. This routine will help the kids learn better.

Review Past Lessons:

Be ready to show the flash cards again to the kids. By this time even with their eyes closed, some kids can already recite the four vowels (A, E, I, O). This is possible because of routine activities that you have done in the past. This is repetition and it is very important to young kids.

As you flash the cards in front of them; some kids are already excited to recite the letters and they open their mouth ahead and say A; but that is all right and you just guide them and say, “Okay, children. Let me see if you already know these letters.” Hold the flash cards up and say, “What letter is this?” The kids will not only say the letter but some will shout because they are now confident that they know the letter they are reciting. Let the kids say all four vowels (A, E, I, O).

After reciting the letters; you can now ask the sound of each letter. The kids have fun saying the sound of each letter with their hand action. You will see the excitement in the kids’ faces if they already gained confidence in their lessons. That’s when you can sigh and say, “I have accomplished something today.” This is one of the most inspiring parts of being a teacher. The mere fact that the kids are having fun while being taught is already an accomplishment and there is an added bonus when you see everybody happily joining the class activities.

Introduce Letter U:

Now that you have reviewed the past lessons; you can now introduce Letter U to the kids. It is always important to get the attention of all the kids so that they will learn more effectively. By this time if the kids are having fun in school, it is likely that they are listening to you and learning their lessons.

Start by saying: “Today children, we have a new letter. And our new letter is letter U.” Let the children say U then let each kid recite U as you flash the card in front of each child.

Introduce the Sound of U:

The sound of U is uh! Uh! Uh! You can demonstrate the sound by putting your palm over your chest and saying uh! Uh! Uh!

More Activities for Letter U:

When you have finished introducing the sound of U; you can now show objects that begin with U. Real objects can be used or three dimensional objects.

Here are some objects that begin with U:

  1. umbrella
  2. undershirt
  3. underwear for girls
  4. underwear for boys
  5. underground
  6. underwater
  7. under
  8. up
  9. usher
  10. usherette
  11. ugly


Tracing is only for the very young kids. By this time the older kids can now write the letter on their own. It does not matter if they cannot write the letter perfectly. They will soon write it correctly with practice. What’s important is that they can already write without tracing.


For very young kids; you can let them color big pictures that begin with U. For example the kids can color a picture of an umbrella. For the older kids, you can give them more advance work like coloring only the pictures that begin with U in a group of pictures that begin with different letters.

You can also let the kids color the picture that goes with letter U.

Writing Letter U:

The older kids can write U now without tracing so you can give them work where they can write the beginning letter in the blank. As much as possible this should be a guided work and a sample worksheet should be done first and clipped on the blackboard for all the kids to copy.

Matching Type:

Matching letters and pictures can be given to the very young and older kids because this is not so hard to do. Just guide them through so that they will not get confused.

Here are some worksheets instructions that you can use:

  1. Color the pictures that begin with U.
  2. Color Letter U
  3. Match U with the pictures.
  4. Put a ring around the letter that goes with the picture.
  5. Color the picture that goes with the given letter.
  6. Match the letters that are the same.
  7. Match the pictures to the beginning letter.


The kids will have fun coloring an umbrella with different colors. Make sure that the drawing is big enough and has divisions for different colors. When the kids are done coloring; you can allow them to hang their work so that they will see what they have done.

Giving the kids various activities will enhance learning and at the same time keep the kids motivated to do their work and participate. You have to be ready with lots of ideas to keep the kids busy because once the kids are bored; they will find some other things to do and that will mean trouble. It is always better to find solution and prevention before things will be out of control.

© 2013 Felisa Daskeo


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