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Kindergarten Lessons: Fun and Interesting Ways to Teach Letter E to Young Kids

Updated on March 11, 2015
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I am a certified teacher and had been teaching for more than 30 years. My hubs sum up all my knowledge about education. See you around.

Hand Action for the Sound of A

How to Teach Letter E to Young Kids

The best way to teach each letter of the alphabet to the kids is to do different activities for the whole week or five school days. This will give them ample time to do lots of various activities that will enhance learning and make learning more effective.

After teaching letter A for 5 days; the next letter to teach is letter E. Be sure to be ready with your visual and audio materials that will make learning more effective.

Do not show letter E first; instead show letter A, the previous lesson. Ask the kids about letter A and tell them to say the sound.

Like this:

Show letter A using the flash card then say: “What letter is this?

The kids will then say the letter. It is important to be observant and find out whether all the kids have learned their lessons. Repetition is very important to young kids.

The next thing to ask is: “What is the sound of A?”

You can teach the kids to say the sound while doing hand action. Say, close the fingers at the tips then slowly open them like the mouth of the alligator while saying aaaaaahhh. The kids will enjoy this hand language activity with the sound of the letter.

Hand Action for the Sound of E

Letter E:

Here are the steps when teaching Letter E to young kids.


Introduce letter E to the young kids using a big flashcard. Start by saying, “Today, we have a new letter and this is Letter E.”

Look at the kids and ask, “What letter is this?”

The kids will say the letter.


Show the letter to each child and let each child say the letter.


Show the letter again to the kids then ask what letter. Then follow by saying, “The sound of E is eeeehhh.”

Demonstrate how to sound the letter by holding your hands side by side and moving them sideways so that the kids will learn the sound of e better.

Sample Work Sheet for Letter E

Step 4

Give more letter E activities.


Let the kids color objects that begin with E.

  1. egg
  2. elf
  3. elephant
  4. exit
  5. entrance
  6. elevator
  7. escalator
  8. eggplant

Another coloring activity for the kids is to let them color all Es in a group of different letters. This activity will let them recognize letter E better.

Sample Activity Sheet for Tracing E


Tracing letters is very important to the kids and is a must activity for the young kids who are still learning how to write the letter. Make sure that the tracing material is clear enough and easy to trace.

You can include a picture that begins with E in the worksheet to enhance the kids’ knowledge about E.

Sample Activity Sheet for Letter E

Trace the Correct Letter

You have taught letter A and E already to the kids so you can use both letters now in your activity sheets.

Read the instruction first for the kids then let them trace the correct letter. The young kids need guidance from you since they are still learning how to trace so you have to tell the kids not to write first until you tell them to do so. If you are handling kids that do not yet know how to trace; you have to guide them one at a time. There are always kids who learn quickly and they can trace well and fast so you have to pay more attention to the kids who still need help in tracing letter E.

Sample Worksheet for Letter E

Color the Picture that Go with the Given Letter

In this activity sheet, there is a given letter and there are at least two pictures to choose from. Since you have already taught A and E; you can use both letters in the activity sheet.

First, you have to read the instruction to the kids then explain that they are going to color the picture that go with the given letter. To keep the children on the right tract, you can do a sample work on the board and let them follow your work as you go.

Don’t worry if they commit mistakes even with a sample work on the board. They will soon cope and be able to follow instructions as you go.


Matching the same letters is another good and effective activity for young kids. The kids can match A and A and E and E. This way, they will better memorize the letters of the alphabet.

Another matching activity for the young kids is to let them match letter A and E to pictures.

Eating Time:

Kids love to eat but they differ in the types of food they like to eat. If you plan to include eating food that begins with letter E make sure you know your pupils well. Some kids are allergy to some types of food and it is best not to include eating EGG if you aren’t sure of your pupil’s health conditions.

You can let the kids draw and color eggs instead or you can make art projects using egg as the model.

All these activities will sum up for fun and interesting kids activities for teaching letter E. There are no limits to kids’ activities if you truly want them to learn more effectively. Your initiative as a teacher is crucial in the learning process so always think of the best techniques and activities when teaching kids.

© 2013 Felisa Daskeo


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