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Kraken Lives

Updated on January 20, 2017
The old Kraken
The old Kraken
The Giant Squid in an epic battle against a sperm whale
The Giant Squid in an epic battle against a sperm whale

From myth to truth

Imagine a creature from the deep darkness of the ocean rumored to be so big it can crush a ship to splinters with eight arms and a beak sharper than anything you've ever seen before. With no warning it comes out of no where as you watch and begins to crush the ship and eat those unlucky enough to fall into the Ocean.

For thousands of years’ sailors have told tall tales of giant sea creatures that would come out of the vast darkness of the Ocean and sink their boats and eat most of the survivors. The only proof the sailors might have been telling the truth was the occasional blob of a body that washed up on shore.

Even in modern times there are still tales of Giant Squids being told, though they are not crushing ships like they used to. In cinema and myth, the kraken, or Giant squid, was and is the most terrible of all the sea monsters. It kills and demolishes entire ships without mercy, remorse or warning; it’s the one you don’t see coming. After decades and hundreds of tales it's now been captured in its natural habitat feeding, on camera.

After decades of searching it was finally caught on film in July 2012 swimming about 2,000 feet below the surface in the Pacific Ocean and was thought to be about 26 feet long.

Up until that point everything we knew about the way the creature lived and looked in the water was just conjecture.

Finally captured on camera

The Kraken in myth and legend
The Kraken in myth and legend
The body of a Squid that washed up
The body of a Squid that washed up

What we know about Giant Squids

The giant squid is the second-largest mollusk documented in recent history. The first being the Colossal Squid who is bigger but rarely sighted. The Giant squids size has often been exaggerated depending on who you are talking to. Reports of creatures reaching 66 ft. have been around as long as men have been on the ocean, but no animals near anywhere near this size have ever been scientifically documented. Rest assured, the stories of the Squid dragging sailors to their watery death haven't been verified either.

Giant squid can grow to an amazing size; recent estimates put the maximum size at 43 ft for females and 33 ft for males. Consider how long your house is or a bus, that is about how long the Giant Squid is. Makes Jaws look like a wimp huh?

Giant squids occur in all of the world's oceans. However they are usually found near continental and island slopes from the North Atlantic Ocean. Animals are rare in tropical waters however. They have 8 tentacles, two feeding tentacles covered with teeth that can rip a person to pieces while the arms hold you in place.

Squid Smarts

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