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LAND PATENTS - What do you know about them Is,Florida in a land patent state and how to get it in someone 's name

Updated on January 11, 2014

Have you heard of "LAND PATENTS"?

A land patent is a claim of ownership or "title" by a person who pays to file it with the land patent office by paying a fee for the patent and a surveyor to measure the specific tract of land ,allowing you to register the said land with the land patent office.

There may still be some land to patented out west,but I understand that most all the land has been patented.already.Remember president Abraham Lincoln asked congress to give 20miles of land on both sides of the track to the railroads for every mile of track that they laid in order to encourage them to build rail lines as far as they could as quickly as they could.

The" land grant act" that congress passed also gave a certain amount of land to anyone who was willing to live on or homestead land that they improved upon and lived on for I think it was for thirty years,and filed for the land patent in their name,without any encumberances or(Debt) owing in order to get the land patent.Returning civil war solders were even given parcels of land to homestead.This is land that covers the mid western and western states.

The land patent is signed and given by the president to the filer of the land patent as a party to the treaty we have with other countries ,you then become Sovergn's if you pay the filling fee and the cost of surveying the Inhabit.If,done correctly the land is owned ,by you and your heirs in perpetuity ,meaning forever and the land that is patented cannot be taken for debts or taxes owed by you as the owner of that land after it has been lawfully and legally patented.As long as there is no flaw in your claim to the land patent. It cannot be taken away from you for any debt or taxes owed.after the patent is issued.If,you pass away and leave no heirs to your Real estate then the land should revert back to the united states government in trust so that someone else can have the opportunity to file a land patent on it once more.The Federal government cannot use any land other than that land necessary for its use within the ten square mile area known as the District of land needed for armaments and or other limited purposes. Although the states have let the federal government use state lands for federal court houses etc.This is specifically against the constitution,unless there is a constitutional convention convened in order to amend the constitution to allow that to occur.

Today someone owns the land patent on the land and you and I are paying a fee for the right to live on in the form of taxes for the most part.In some cases you will pay a fee in addition to taxes and or a mortgage plus taxes to a bank that doesn't own the land that your house is built on.The banks are only lending you the money with which to buy or rent the property and or building that sits or is built on the property.The land is or was likely owned by an individual who may have sold his rights to the property away to a builder although I'm not sure if that's lawful even though it may have been considered legal by the local courts. The Federal government cannot own land.It,can only occupy land given to it for a specific purpose by the constitution for the United States.

It's the same way with people who live in a trailer park,or mobile home park.You are paying the "owner" of the land for the right to live there.The thing is the person who bought the land that your paying rent to may not even be the true owner.Buying a piece of land or even a house on a piece of land without doing a title search is done all the time.Today,we just buy title insurance in case the title is bad.In that case who ever has title to the land is the real owner and can kick you off their property,but why should they?You are improving his land by building a house or some other structure that makes his property worth more.

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