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LPN Program in NYC

Updated on September 25, 2012
LPN Programs in NYC
LPN Programs in NYC

LPN Program in NYC-The Perfect Destiny for Your Nursing Career

New York is the most famous state of the US. It is also known and regarded as the commercial capital of the world. It is also home for the nation’s second largest city. It is average in size but densely populated. The most known industries of NYC are fashion, finance, communications and tourism. It became the part of United States on July 26, 1788. The health industry of NY is considered among the best nursing industries of world because it offers outstanding care and treatment to the patients. It is also the fact that people from other countries comes to NY for the cure of their dangerous disorders.

Demand for the Nursing Professionals

The demand for the nursing professionals is very high in the state. There are large numbers of hospitals, care centers, nursing homes and private clinics exist in New York and in these health care centers various nursing staff members are required. This is the main reason behind the rapid increase in demand of the nursing professionals. The aspirants, who are aspiring for the nursing career, New York could be on of the best options for them. The demand for the nursing professionals will continue to increase in New York, as the numbers of patients and health care centers are increasing day by day in the state.

The candidates who are interested in working as a LPN in NYC, needs to match up with the eligibility criteria led by the New York board of nursing, which include- candidate must be 18 years of age, must have an graduate or equivalent degree, should be the sincere citizen of the state having no criminal record against him/her, must have attended the training period from an approved nursing institute and lastly, must have cleared the National Licensure Exam for Practical nurse.

The tenure of the practical nurse training class is between 9 and 18 months and the cost of the fee of such classes are also very low and affordable. In the training classes the students are taught the basic concepts and principles of nursing and also they are made to practice the actual skills, which practical nurses perform in their daily job work. The students are taught by the experts, which are considered as the plus point of the classes. At the end of the training session students are put in to the practice test to develop the confidence in them and to remove the nervousness for the exam. The candidates getting their training through these classes perform well in the exam and also face no difficulty in handling the job work of practical nurse.

Salary of LPNs in NYC

The candidates, who complete the training, are allowed to appear in the exam. The examination format is consisted of practical and theoretical portion. 120 questions are given to answer in the oral portion and 5 skills are given for performance in the hands on section of the exam. The time limit for completing both the sections of the exam is 5 hours.

The candidate passing the exam is eligible for the employment in the advanced nursing industry of New York. The average salary of the licensed practical nurse in New York is between $55,000 and $70,000.

LPN Programs in NYC


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