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LPN Programs in PA - Practical Nurse Programs Pennsylvania

Updated on March 23, 2012
LPN Programs in PA
LPN Programs in PA

LPN Program in PA

Pennsylvania is the well known state of the US. It is the second state that was added to the nation. It is average in size but highly populated state. It is also known by the name keystone state. It is also home for the country’s first oil well. The major drivers of the economy of the state are mining and steel industry. It is also the fact that PA is leader in production of steel. To handle the sick and ailing part of the PA’s population, large and equipped health care industry exists in the state.

It is the known fact that health care industry of the PA is highly advanced but the added fact cannot be shorn of that it is in front of the problem of scarcity of nursing professionals. It is obvious that the licensed practical nurses are required in large number in the state among all other types of health care professionals.

The candidates that are planning to become licensed practical nurse can make their way to destiny through joining the LPN program in Pennsylvania.

Eligibility Criteria

The applicants that are next to seek admission for the Practical nurse program in PA must know that in order to do so they need to match up with the eligibility criteria that is declared by the Pennsylvania board of nursing and it is as follows:

· The age of the candidate must not be below 18 years

· Must possess graduate or diploma degree in nursing

· Should not have any involvement in anti social activities

PA Practical Nurse Program

The tenure of training program in the state lies between 10 and18 months and the fee of such classes is also not very high but affordable. There are several government training centers in PA that offer training free of cost to those contenders that are unable to afford the fee of the training program. In such classes both the session of the test are taken into concern. 460 hours are for the training of the practical portion, among which 300 hours are specified to the clinical education and 160 hours are offered to lb practice. The LPNs are directed by the experienced tutors and they complete their training under the command of skilled RNs. The theoretical fraction is very efficiently explained by the lecturers and at the conclusion of the session practice tests are also taken in order to make the student aware of the test pattern and to build up confidence in them to mug the difficult NCLEX examination.

The aspirants that effectively accomplish the training program are put into the national council licensure examination for practical nurse. It held under the direct supervision of PA board of nursing. The test consists of 2 parts. It is essential for the students to clear both the portions in order to clear the exam. It is obvious that candidates are required to carry out all the formalities associated with the examination before the day of the exam.

The aspirants that successfully clear the examination are entitled to get the nursing license and permission to seek for the LPN job in the state.


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