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Language Problems During Travelling

Updated on November 8, 2012

Everybody loves to travel. Nevertheless, most of the travelers don’t even think of learning another language before going to a foreign country. it is a very common thing for travelers to think that everybody if not speak than understands their own language.

As for me the dominating majority of such travelers are English speakers. They don’t work hard to learn a word or two in another language and many times they even come to another country even without a simple phrase book. I am not saying that it is only English speakers who do that, but it might be some because of the high popularity of their own language in the world.

Guess what? I’ve got some news for you: not everybody speaks English and there are some people who don’t even think of learning it. Same situation is happening with Russian, most of Russians (known as the worst travelers) go to turkey or Egypt for their vacation. They are the ones who also think that their language is the most important in the world. I will not even start about French, those thin that English is disgusting and their elegant and melodic (to their minds) language is the only one to be spoken in the world.

The reason why I started this conversation is a lack of education and culture of the modern travelers in the world. I will tell you, if you come to Spain you will have to learn it. Of course I am not talking about Madrid, Barcelona or any other big city in Spain, I am talking about the country Spain- its villages, little town and numerous provinces that even have their own dialects and languages that differ from original Spanish.

What I am trying to say is that travelers should understand that if they come to another country is the same as if they come to another home. You should respect the owner.

Just do a quick scan of the country: what do they eat, where they go, what they celebrate, how do they greet each other. And of course learn some basic phrases, take a phrase book and try to get into the new culture.


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