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Last Words to a voodoo Witch

Updated on July 29, 2015

Last words of a Poet to a voodoo witch


Last words of a Poet to a Voodoo witch

Last words of a Poet to a Voodoo witch

Honorable Member of Parliament Prof Hlengiwe Beauty Mkhize Year 2023 A.D Nkosinathi Ncala On His first DAY in Parliament. As a Member of Parliament of the United Democratic Alliance of South Africa.

Remember me Mother

Or did you Forget ME?Guardian!

I am you Sister Thembani z Only SON

My Mum Joyce and Dad Jabu

Left three Properties in your Hands

That were fully paid Up!

And at least 2 Million Rand in Cash 1991.

You Told ME I would be homeless

You told ME I was Crazy

Why you hate Me and my Sister

Docter Bongiwe Tlailane so Much?

YOU know what?

I Frankly do Not GIVE a fuck.

Your Son Nqobizwe is the Child

That is Mentally Retarded.

That is Gods Curse Yahweh.

While you still On Earth.

Should I Die before You will be Happy.<=-P \=D/

Reality remains I am a great Man on Earth.

My Mind is Pure

My Innocence is preserved.

Ps I am the greatest African POET

At Age 34 period 21st century.

What can Your Son Claim even if he lived to a ripe age of 90.

The bitter Truth Just Your Inheritance.

Mr Mkhize YOU married a Voodoo

Witch,claiming to be a Christian!

Good Luck in Heaven.

Nkosinathi Ncala


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