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Body Mind and Spirit - Real Happiness is Lasting Happiness

Updated on March 15, 2013

Inner Quest - Where are you looking for your happiness?

This picture was taken in 1986 when the writer was fifty-five.  It would no exaggeration to say that he has devoted some forty-odd years to serious self-understanding.
This picture was taken in 1986 when the writer was fifty-five. It would no exaggeration to say that he has devoted some forty-odd years to serious self-understanding.

What makes people happy? What is the key to happiness?

The questions: What makes people happy? and Is there a key to happiness? are important ones that all of us would like answers to. This short hub will give you an inkling as to there answers.

Real Happiness is Lasting Happiness. The contents of this book could well help you in this regard and, if I get enough people interested, I will present it either here on Wordpress in serial form.

Inner Quest - Our Search for Happiness, Body, Mind and Spirit results from a lifetime of study, mainly towards teaching people how they can become more satisfied; happier in their lives. Arthur Tomas Ware - or Tom, as he prefers to be called - became interested in Metaphysics and Spirituality way back in the late 1960s. His gift of Automatic Writing played a large part in this, as has since then the twenty-three years and 21,000 hours he has devoted to Vipassana Meditation.

Tom is a gifted storyteller and public speaker and has presented to over 35,000 people during the past fifteen years alone. And, of course, he is an accomplished writer. Inner Quest being just one of a dozen major works. This book contains the essence of the 146 lessons presented to his University of the Third Age class held over eight continuous years.

Let us see if lasting happiness can be found and, if it can, how we go about finding it.

About the book

Welcome. Inner Quest is the culmination of thirty-five years of research. It deals with what and who we are -human beings living on Planet Earth. The research methods used have been three-fold. Firstly, ‘automatic writing,’ generally referred to as a psychic phenomenon in which one is able to tap one’s own subconscious. This has been has been used extensively. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of words have been taken down by me in this fashion.

The second method was more mundane: study of numerous texts, writers who have endeavoured to do the same as myself: find out the truth pertaining to us human beings.

The third method came later, in 1986. Here, I was introduced to a meditation technique which takes one deep within. There are worlds within worlds within us. I’ve been practising this meditation two hours daily for more than twenty years. If a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, and one step represents an hour’s meditation, then I’m about 19,000 strides along the road.


A key to happiness - being 'in the moment.'

Flynn's Beach, Port MacQuarie, NSW, Australia in 1982
Flynn's Beach, Port MacQuarie, NSW, Australia in 1982

Body Mind and Spirit - Real Happiness is Lasting Happiness. An essential key to happiness is knowing that Happiness is an Inside Job

What makes people happy became an important question to me because as a young man I was far from being happy.

My life has taken me into many vocations in a number of lands. England, Australia, Papua-New Guinea, New Zealand, and sub-Antarctica. Nearly all of these travels and changes of jobs were motivated by that urge so common to us all - the search for happiness. Despite so many worldly successes, including good jobs, adventure, a lasting marriage, children, the golden fleece of happiness continued to elude me. I continued to believe it could be found in something or someone or some activity outside of myself. I was nearly fifty before the proverbial penny dropped and I began to realise very gradually that, to quote Professor John Powell of Loyola University, Chicago, the successful formula for happiness is always H = IJ. (Happiness is an inside job) It can only be found within.

A key to happiness - simply observing without mental judgement or evaluation

Crescent Head, N.S.W. Australia 1982
Crescent Head, N.S.W. Australia 1982

What am I? Life's most important question

This introduction has been brief and doesn't tell you a lot. Real happiness is lasting happiness and it is the lasting aspect of it which we really want.

Inner Quest was written that you might understand where and how to search and find the answers to those big, important questions of your life: What am I?, Does my life have a purpose? And, most importantly, How can I be happy?

I hope that by reading what is contained herein, and implementing the practices referred to, you might find the answers to these questions. May light, love and laughter fill your days.

Tom Ware.


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