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Leafy Sea Dragon

Updated on June 24, 2011

The leafy seadragon (scientifically generally known as Glauerts Seadragon ) is a sea horse that belongs to the Syngnathidae family which is located across the southern and western shorelines of Australia. The name of this weird animal comes from its physical appearance ,with lengthy leaf-like protrusions extending from the entire body. These protrusions are utilized as a method of camouflage giving it the look of common seaweed. In addition when this leafy sea dragon swims, it gives the false impression of simply being a piece hovering seaweed. The leafy sea dragon even has the capacity to alter its skin colours as a way to mix within its enviroment.

Leafy sea dragons tend to be somewhat bigger in comparison to the majority of sea -horses. Leafy sea dragons can develop to a size of about 20-24 centimetres..They primarily feed on plankton and little crustaceans employing their prolonged ,pile-like snouts which bear a tiny oral cavity.Similar to just about all sea horses the leaf sea dragon is not a exemption, with the male dragon too be the one responsible for taking care of the eggs once they laid by the female. After the mating procedure the female leaf sea dragon will deliver nearly 250 vivid light red eggs that are then placed onto the male's tail via a very long tube..In contrast to the majority of seahorses the males do not possess a sack store the eggs. In contrast the eggs are placed on a unique brood patch on the bottom of the male's tail. This patch supplies the eggswith oxygen and over a time of 4 to 6 weeks the male "gives birth" to the hatchlings. Then the young ones are left alone. Initially they'll search for and eat zooplankton and once they mature they are going to feed on mysids. Approximately only Five percent of the younglings will be able to attain adulthood

As of this moment the Leafy sea dragon, shows up as Near Threatened (NT) within the IUCN Red Directory Threatened Species. The leafy seadragon could possibly be significantly endangered in the near future as a result of human activities.


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