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George Washington Carver Biography for Kids

Updated on December 27, 2013

George Washington Carver was a famous American scientist and inventor. He is most famous for making many useful products from peanuts. He was born into slavery on a farm in the state of Missouri. He was a sickly child, so he wasn’t capable of doing heavy farm work. He spent a lot of time working in the garden.

He was also taught to read and write. He started school at the age of 12. He graduated from high school and was accepted to college. When it was discovered that he was an African American, his application was rejected because there was a lot of racism and discrimination when he lived.

George Washing Carver
George Washing Carver

He applied to a different college in Iowa and was accepted. He graduated from Iowa Agricultural College, which is now Iowa State University. Carver had always been interested in botany, the study of plants, so he earned a Master’s Degree in botany and agriculture. He became a teacher at the Tuskegee Institute in the state of Alabama. He taught his students how to take care of soil. This is called soil conservation. Carver became very famous. People all over the world contacted him for advice on how to care for soil and crops.

Peanut plant
Peanut plant

Carver is most famous for inventing many different products made from peanuts. But he also invented many products made from sweet potatoes, soy beans and pecans. Some of his inventions made from peanuts were peanut milk, cheese, flour, coffee, ink, dyes, glue, plastics, soap, linoleum, oils, cosmetics and wood stains.

He was such a brilliant inventor that Thomas Edison offered him a job. Carver refused the offer and continued to work at the Tuskegee Institute.


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