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Learn About Motion and Force for Kids

Updated on April 17, 2017

All About Motion

Motion refers to movement. You might be surprised to hear that this is a really important idea in the science of Physics. Why is it so important? Simply because everything in the universe moves. You don’t feel it but you are on a planet that is moving. It is spinning around. This is called rotation.

The Earth is also moving around the sun. This is called orbiting. The whole Solar System is moving within our galaxy called the Milky Way. A galaxy is a system that contains billions of stars, gas and dust. They are all held together by a force called gravity. Everything moves all the time. So, you can see why motion is so important to scientists. Mechanics is a branch of physics that deals with the study of motion.

Everything in the universe is in motion
Everything in the universe is in motion

What is a Force?

Isaac Newton was a famous scientist and mathematician. When he was a child he liked to build things. He built a windmill to grind wheat and a sundial to tell time.

When he grew up he spent a lot of time learning and doing science experiments. One day he saw an apple fall to the ground. He thought a lot about this. He figured out that a force called gravity caused the apple to fall.

Isaac Newton came up with something called the Three Laws of Motion. These laws explain how forces act on an object. And how the object moves as a result. In the science of Physics, a force causes an object to move. Do you ever kick a ball? A ball is an object. When you kick it, you apply a force. Your kick makes a ball move. So, a force is something that can make things move. Newton also realized that gravity keeps planets orbiting around the sun.

A force can also make a moving object change direction. Imagine that you and a friend are kicking a ball to each other. When the ball comes toward you, you kick it back. You changed the direction of a moving ball.


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