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Learn French Online with the BBC

Updated on February 16, 2013

This hub follows on from my Hub Learn to speak French with the help of the BBC that described the BBC online course French Steps.

MA French (which I presume means More Advanced) is a video and interactive course designed to help improve your French. There are twenty-four units and within each unit, there are six subjects. Each subject has three videos to watch followed by an interactive quiz. Video A is about grammar and vocabulary, Video B is more cultural experiences and video C will have a surprise challenge for you.

If you sign up for the course learning tips, you will receive a weekly email full of encouragement and tips to improve your language skills. The course is designed to last around twelve weeks but you can go at your own pace. There is no pressure to complete within the time scale. Do as much as you want to do, when you want to do. These courses are designed to work around you.

Stphane Cornicard
Stphane Cornicard | Source

The Units

Your guide is Stephane Cornicard. He will introduce you to the various assignments. When you are ready just click on the start button.

Unit 1 is a preview and it explains the level of expertise that is needed for this course.

Unit 2 is called Directions. The first video is about the film crew. You can watch as they try to find their hotel. The second video takes you into the traffic control centre and the third video is about pronouncing town names correctly.

Unit 3 is called Languages.All three videos follow a Scottish - Franco family called the Berrows as they play games.

Unit 4 is called Shopping. The videos follow Ariane and Michel as they go shopping at the local market and supermarket.

Unit 5 is called Work.These videos are about people, talking about their jobs at a ski resort.

Unit 6 is called Arrangements. Hakim M'Barek from French Steps shows us his typical busy day.

All the videos are quite short and come with both English and French subtitles. There is a questionnaire at the end of each unit and activities.

The Berrows playing cards

There are another eighteen units to complete covering a range of subjects, such as children and pets right through to news and views. There are also extra subjects about Tennis, Rugby and the Tour De France.

There are another twelve mini video lessons. I think you would agree that this is a pretty comprehensive course covering a wide variety of subjects. By the end you should be comfortable at speaking, writing and understanding the French language. If you have signed up for the emails then you may even get a certificate on completion.

You can find the course here at


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