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Learn Something New For Free

Updated on February 2, 2014
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Free, Easy To Use Websites That Provide Knowledge

If you want to actively learn a foreign language while keeping track of the way you advance in doing it, if you also want to do it in an attractive way that makes the learning process more fun or if you want to deepen your knowledge in a certain domain, check out the following online tools:

Duolingo - Free Language Education For The World

A truly beautiful and easy to use website where you can learn languages like Spanish and French, a website that is continuously developing in order to provide more and more language content. Its approach is easy to understand and one can get engaged in the process really easily. Basing all the learning on previous learning and adapting the process to the learner, Duolingo is a pleasure to use. And you also help translating the web while using it!


Memrise - Learn Something New Every Day

Place where you can learn new languages and many other interesting things on different topics, Memrise is a free, lovely website where acquiring knowledge is seen as growing plants and studying seems like a game. The process of learning is very well planned here, and you have the help of different tools that keep track of what you've learned on the website and give you tips on how to improve your learning.


Khan Academy - Learn Almost Anything For Free

With over 222.000.000 lessons available for free, this place is about a variety of topics being presented in interesting and well explained videos. Not doing well with math? Don't understand something in physics? Curious about how biology works? Khan Academy can help you by providing lots of detailed information organized beautifully.


Verbling - Instantly Practice Speaking With Native Speakers Around The World

A website focused on foreign languages, with the distinctive feature of facilitating conversations with native speakers for learners of a language, through video chat. You connect with a native speaker, you have a conversation with him/her and then you give compliments. This can be a useful place for anybody who wants to improve their speaking skills in a language.


Explore! Learn! Have fun!

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