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Learn a New Language Online for Free

Updated on February 12, 2022
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Cygnet Brown is a high school and middle school substitute teacher. She is the author of fourteen books and a long-time gardener.

Why Should you Learn Another Language?

Have Always Wanted to Speak a New Language But. . .

Ever since I was a young girl, I have wanted to learn another language. I tried to learn French when I was in high school, but for some reason, I couldn't get the hang of learning that language in the style that the teacher taught. Over the years I tried numerous programs and none of them seemed to be a good fit for me.They were too pricey or too boring until I discovered Duolingo.

My Introduction to Duolingo--A Free Online Language Program

One day I was watching videos and came across a Ted Talk that talked about a new, innovative program called Duolingo. In this program, I had discovered a state-of-the-art learning method that incorporated various learning styles. This program went beyond simply teaching me another language and doing it for free. Once I had a few lessons under my belt, the program was designed to have me take what I learned and translate portions of text from the internet from English into the language I was learning.

Learn a Language Using Duolingo

Why Learn Another Language?

Have you ever wondered why you should learn a new language? Here are a few things to think about.

  • A foreign language will broaden your worldview. You'll have more cultural experience. People who have cultural experience are people who are knowledgeable about people who are different from themselves. If you know another language, you'll be more cultured simply because this would permit you to travel more and you'll know the world better. In addition, traveling to other countries in which these second languages are spoken makes traveling through these countries less stressful and more enjoyable because you know the language.
  • People who are native speakers will like the fact that you have shown enough respect to learn the language. People like hearing stories from other countries and from others, so by telling them yourself in their language may help you develop new friendships thereby increasing how well you enjoyed your immersion into the language and culture.
  • You'll discover so much. Not only will you be more open to a whole new culture, you'll be able to meet thousands of other people thanks to your extra language. No one knows where life will take us, and knowing this extra language might just make your life completely different.
  • You'll develop your mind. By learning you're exercising your brain, and so you should be faster at memorizing and doing simple mental exercises. When you learn a new language you need to put words and verbs together, which works your brain. You'll be very good at associating other things as well.
  • You should learn a new language is because it is fun. Learning a new language isn't easy, but by enjoying the experience and turning it into a game you can have fun. Like anything else, it helps to have a partner with whom you can compete with to keep one another motivated to continue.
  • Learning foreign languages can help you develop better communication skills including listening, and memory skills You'll develop analytical as well as creative skills because you are studying a foreign language.Skills such as problem solving, and dealing with abstract concepts become easier as you expose yourself to foreign languages.They improve your math and English skills and scores on tests like the SAT and GRE.
  • Knowing a foreign language gives job seekers a competitive edge. Eighty percent of new jobs in the US are created because of foreign trade. Many businesses today are looking for individuals who speak foreign languages to assist with their global economies. These businesses include, but are not limited to, law, government, business, technology, industry, marketing, medicine, and military.
  • With Duolingo, I see that I can do all of these things,and that is exciting.

Learning a Language For the Greater Good

I was excited when I learned that in as little as ten minutes per day, I could begin learning a new language using this online program Duolingo. I especially liked the idea that not only could I learn a language for free, but in the process of learning the new language, I could translate internet information from English into that foreign language..By learning a new language, I was more than simply learning a new language, I was benefiting individuals from that culture by translating internet information from English into that language. I was doing something for the greater good.

Getting Started

Duolingo is a free language learning service that I highly recommend to anyone who want to learn a language. Signing up for Duolingo is easy. Go to the site and sign up using your email, Facebook, or Google account.Then follow the signup instructions. The prompt will ask you if you want to test out for advanced placement or continue to basic learning. I took the test, but I couldn't test I began with lesson one.

The program is easy to follow and uses

Making the Most of the Experience

No language learning software does anyone any good unless the individual uses that software. I found that each lesson in Duolingo takes me about 5-10 minutes to finish, so I set aside 10-15 minutes per day to work on my language skills. I added language learning to my morning routine. Every time I logged on, I redo the previous day's lesson and then I worked through the new lesson.Once a week, I extend the time spent and worked on translating a portion of text under the immersion tab. I have not reached the point yet where I feel comfortable getting into the discussion section, but I see myself doing that at once a week in the not so distant future. I am enjoying the process so much that I believe that in about six months I will be able to start a second foreign language to learn.

Learning A New Language, Progress Update

I have been learning Spanish for a couple years now. I have also started learning French and Russian. I have completed the Spanish course and have learned over fifty percent of the French. The Russian is more of a challenge because I not only have to learn a new language, but a whole new alphabet as well.

© 2014 Cygnet Brown


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