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Learning Disabilities and How it Has Helped Shape our World

Updated on August 11, 2011

How People Overcame Disability

Learning Disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorder, and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, have long been difficult obstacles for many great people to overcome in the history of all peoples from all around the world. In the earlier times of our civilization, these debilitating problems in children and adults have been difficult to identify. As time moved on and more progress was made in education and identification of these problems that often have interfered with the education of thousands of children world wide, ways to concentrate on therapy and compensatory methods in helping kids overcome these disorders have been developed. Our schools today have special classes and trained teachers that are well equipped in helping kids with learning problems adjust to school and make progress in their education. Some of the causes of these handicaps are genetic in nature, or have been caused by injury experienced, usually earlier in life. At times, children were misidentified and often labeled as morons or those who could not learn. History has proven this to be wrong and the great number of people who have proven this is mind boggling.

Over the centuries there have been many marvelous inventors, music composers, actors, artists, and statesmen that have not only overcome their learning problems experienced earlier in life, but have excelled and made super and incredible contributions to our world as we know it. Albert Einstein was one of the most brilliant scientist known to our entire civilization and made many great discoveries and theories in his lifetime. Galileo was one of the most noted earlier scientist and astronomers and made many great discoveries, Thomas Edison was one of the greatest inventors creating the light bulb, phonograph, and many other electrical devices still in use in our world, a century later. Mozart was one of the greatest composers in beautiful music that historians will ever recognize and began composing when he was only a child. Leonardo da Vinci was a great artist, sculptor and inventor of the ages and was a sufferer of learning problems as a child. Louis Pasteur was a great chemist and gave the world vascines that have saved thousands of lives over time. He also discovered the causes of Rabies and Anthrax. Augusta Rodin was a wonderful sculptor, his "TheThinker" is noted world wide. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone and was a child who suffered from learning disabilities. Beethoven composed and wrote some of the most beautiful music appreciated world wide and down through the ages and had learning problems earlier in his life. Henry Ford, noted for his automobile and the assembly line, was also a person who had difficulty in school because of his problems.

General George Patton was one of the greatest generals and leaders in WWII and had learning problems as a younger person growing up. Jules Verne was a great writer and told some of the most fantastic fantasy stories that have ever been written. His work is still read by many of delighted readers today. Walt Disney created his famous cartoons loved world wide and many are still seen today by happy kids all over the world.He also had learning problems as a child. Hans Christian Anderson was another writer enjoyed by thousands. Winston Churchill,the great leader of Great Britain during WWII, helped his people overcome a disastrous attack from an unrelenting enemy who tried to conquer the world. Woodrow Wilson was our twenty-eighth president of the U.S.A. and a great statesman, and he too suffered from disabilities growing up. There are many actors that had disabilities in school, and despite this became great actors appreciated the world over. We may not have ever gotten off the ground with out the Wright Brothers and their first airplane, and they too had learning problems as children.

What would the world be like without these wonderful people and what they have created for us all? As an educator for many years, it has been my great blessing to work with many deserving and beautiful children. They all had some problem that could have kept them from succeeding, but it did not. The famous and noteworthy contributors of every part of our society overcame adversity and handicaps and made world shaping gifts to us all. When our handicapped children see these great people and what they have accomplished, it makes them motivated to excel and become the next great contributors themselves. We need to share the news and tell the history of what has made this country great, so that our children can receive the heritage that is the essence of the human spirit.


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