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Legal Resources Regardless of Income in King County WA

Updated on August 28, 2012

Stay Outside the Courthouse Not Inside

Try your best to stay outside of the courhouse
Try your best to stay outside of the courhouse | Source

Legal Resources Available in King County, WA

First of all I hope that nobody has to ever use this resource list that I am about to post. The court system is not fair for anybody involved even if you think you won your case, It impacts negatively towards multiple people that you may of not thought about. Whatever you can do to keep yourself out of court try to do that with the person you are having an issue with. Or try mediation, that can sometimes resolve and deescalate and issue.

Family Support Division - King County Prosecuting Attorney

Can put you in the right direction or refer you to a lawyer they may of worked with before on both sides of the law.

Only bad thing is the FAQ section really needs to be updated. It assumes that there is a dead beat father. What if the woman is dead beat? I have my 12 year old full time, so none of those FAQ's apply to me, so its bad that in this day an age, it is still "assumed" that the father is a dead beat

Domestic Violence Family Law Clinic

For victims of domestic violence are offered one hour free consultation with a volunteer attorney. Priority is given to abuse victims and cases that involved children that are in danger.

General Family Law Clinic

The general family law clinic offers 45-minute consultation with a family law attorney. This is for complicated cases in which a person is representing her/himself. We all can't afford attorneys, and this session can help you prepare to go into court during those times.

How to Finish Your Divorce class

Volunteer attorneys teach a the King County Law Library once a month at no charge. You will have to contact the King Co. Law Library regarding the exact date and times they offer this.

King County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service

They offer 30min consultation and a referral to an attorney for legal representation. There maybe a referral charge to an attorney. They do not charge for referrals to attorneys providing self-help legal services.

King County Neighborhood Legal Clinics

Free 30min consultation with a volunteer attorney. They offer legal advice, but cannot end up representing you.

Washington LawHelp

Hundreds of free legal education materials available for viewing and downloading to teach you what you may of not understood with all the legal jargon paperwork.

Northwest Justice Project King County Legal Resources

They offer various referrals and links to resources throughout King County

Eastside Legal Assistance Program

It is called Elap for short, but it is for the East and North King County residents only. You get a free 30min consultation with a volunteer attorney for legal advice. They assist victims of domestic violence, and offer self-help workshops but there maybe a fee.

Take full advantage of all resources that are in your own area. These are for situations in my local backyard, but they can give you the groundwork for which you can start to look. Most counties should have a resource for you to go and get free advice. Start with our local courthouse and law advocacy groups. Take full advantage of the free consultations, and then go to another free consultation to see if you get the same type of answer or a different answer. Good luck and always always never be afraid to let the judge know that you do not know, and always be up front and ask your lawyer the hard questions if you need to hire one. If they lawyer cannot answer your hard questions, how do you expect the lawyer to answer the hard questions in court for you!?


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