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Leo Lunar Eclipse 2018

Updated on January 31, 2018
Sheryl Willetts profile image

Sheryl has been interested in astrology since childhood. She has studied and worked with many astrologers for over 20 years.


A very rare blue blood full moon total eclipse graces us with its presence bringing with it wonderful success, opportunities & blessings. It is the veritable perfect storm of astronomical milestones. You will need to prepare yourself for all that is presented with this cocktail of delightful energies.

It all happens on January 31st with the effects being felt for the next 6-24 months, depending on your own astrology.

This is such a powerful eclipse, not only because it’s total and a full moon, it’s also a blue and red moon, not to mention that it’s the first lunar eclipse for 2018. If you feel that may sound like a slight amount of chaos for us here on planet Earth, you would be right. To put this into perspective, the last time this happened was 150 years ago! This rare occurrence creates a strong energetic message that screams “TRANSFORMATION”. Knowing “what’s ahead”, allows you to harness the energy of this cosmic event.

What Is an Eclipse?

Firstly, about eclipses – an eclipse is when the sun, moon and earth form an ordinary straight line. The earth blocks all sunlight from reaching the moon’s surface, since the sun is positioned behind the earth; this casts the shadow of the earth on the moon. As a result, the shadow covering the entire moon, total lunar eclipse, only happens during a full moon. Eclipses bring about great change; they signify endings and beginnings, shining the light on situations, from relationships to careers that have been eclipsed.


Most have heard the term “once in a blue moon!” well, this is that “blue moon”.

A blue moon is when we have 2 consecutive full moons in one month, which is rare, resulting in the above phrase’s origin. This full moon will be in the astrological signs of Leo/Aquarius, the previous full moon that we experienced on January 1st , fell in the signs of Capricorn/Cancer on New Years Day. The interesting fact with these 2 full moons within January is that they both are positioned at 11 degrees. No coincidence! The number 11 is a comic message teaching us self-mastery of self within partnerships, along with challenges we may encumber if we ignore the signs. The 11 also teaches us to trust our intuition.


A blood moon occurs when the moon is totally eclipsed. The moon will pass fully into the middle of the shade. As it does this, it becomes more and more covered in the shadow, taking on a red hue. The only light that can be seen is refracted through the earth’s shadow, which is the sunlight entering earth’s atmosphere. The only light appearing, being red in the colour spectrum is filtered through and lightly illuminates the moon sitting behind the earth, this is known as the red or blood moon.



A super moon occurs at the point when the moon reaches its closest distance to our earth during its elliptical point of origin. At this point, it’s somewhat 25,000km closer than average. When this happens, the moon appears much larger and is about 30 per cent brighter, giving it the name “supermoon”.

The eclipse will affect all astrological signs, however it will be the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius that will be hit the hardest. Fixed signs are notable, as their birthdays fall in the middle of each season. These signs are the stabilisers & doers of the zodiac. They set to work implementing new ideas that others have only spoken of. They do tend to resist change as they like things to stay the way they are! This is where these signs are known for being stubborn. It’s more that they have their way of “doing” and “being” that can frustrate others.

Regardless of your astrological sun sign, if you have planets residing in the fixed signs, or the fixed signs dominate your chart, the impact will be just as intensely felt.

Full moons tend to govern the emotions. It will be necessary to acknowledge your feelings, intuition and psychic abilities. Giving your attention to these areas, you will emerge stronger than ever before, allowing you to move forward with truth and purpose.


Taurus – expect to be shaken to the core with regards to relationships. Change can be experienced in areas of partnerships, be ready and embrace the shifts instead of resisting them.

Leo – The focus is on Leo, as the moon shines brightest here. You will be in the spotlight, especially with regards to career. Focus on your emotional needs and don’t be surprised if you find yourself at the centre of attention. You will need to practice a little bit of self care.

Scorpio – Potential shifts will be focused around self, positions with work and the way the public perceives them. Stay focused.

Aquarius – its time to focus on the people around you and your values. You may experience changes around the home life and in your relationships. Here you will need to learn to balance relationships and home life as the sun sits in your sign.



Leo- is the inner child, it’s an extremely playful energy. It likes to dance like no one is watching. It’s fun and pleasurable, you can transform your life with the creative energy of Leo. Ruling the 5th house in astrology and being a fire sign it encourages following your bliss and passion, this magnetic and generous energy is expressive and creative. Step out onto the centre stage of your life, into the spotlight, where you shine the brightest. Be the leader, unleashing your self-confidence. Leo is the Lion! Lead with fearlessness. Leo rules the heart, bring romance into every aspect your life, fall in love, many may find their soulmate during this transit as Leo’s energy rules love and soulmate relationships. The Leo full moon reflects the sun in Aquarius, it is time to implement your creative gifts, talents and abilities being true and authentic, you can make a difference in the lives of others and across the globe. Align your values at the time of this rare and powerful event with humanity. The message with the Leo energy is to have fun, be playful, see the world through the eyes of the inner child and be fearless.

Don’t get ready; be ready, as the energy impacts us on the planet. All of the planets are direct for the next month and a half, use this forward momentum to create a life filled with love, passion and gratitude.

Happy Leo Total Lunar Full Moon Eclipse.

© 2018 Sheryl Willetts


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