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Color Blue

Updated on January 1, 2018

Making lesson plan for Pre-schoolers is much difficult than making lesson plan for Elementary or High school. I learned that you need to be more specific, very detailed and must be short which appropriate for their age and how long they will going to be thought throughout the day.

Aside from that, the lesson for the day must be accompany with hands-on activities.


Color Blue for Three Years Old


At the end of the lesson, the children will be able to identify and differentiate the color “blue” from other colors.

Pre-requisite Skills:

Recognition of the color, gross motor and language skills

Materials Needed:

  • Pictures with color blue
  • Crayons
  • Blocks in different colors

Classroom Dynamics:

Sitting in a circle or semi-circle around the teacher where the children can

see the different pictures with the color blue on it.


  • Introduce the color blue.
  • Show pictures with color blue on it.
  • Let the children look around the classroom to find toys or anything that has “blue” color on it.
  • Let the children point it out and show to the class that he/she found the color blue.

Reinforcement Activity:

Let the children sit in a semi-circle and place the blocks in the middle. Ask them one by one to pick three blocks (2 blocks = any different colors and 1

block = color blue), then by group (build or play the blocks)

Developmental Focus:

  • Intellectual by identifying the color “blue” and learning language
  • Gross motor by getting the objects
  • Social by talking to their friends about the color blue on the pictures and when they play by group.

Butterfly colors

Suggested Activities

  1. You can show video of different colors and let the children sing and learn at the same time.
  2. Bring different colored pictures and present it to the children and let them identify which picture has a color blue on it.
  3. Let them explore the classroom if they can find the color of the day.


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