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Let the knowledge of our history direct us on the path to our future

Updated on September 23, 2014

The knowledge and expertise embedded in historical documents should not be ignored but utilized. Our country has come through some difficult times but we must learn from them to make our future better than it is today. Our current economic situation is difficult to say the least but our past has some striking similarities with our present day situation. There is a saying that doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is without logic. We must learn from the mistakes we have made as a country along with learning from our successes.

We went through a great depression and several wars and conflicts as some have been called but our country was strong and had the resolve to tackle each of these events. The approaches to solving the problems of the past did not always work but some did. It is those that failed which we need to ignore and utilize the applicable successes to solve the problems of our present situation. This I am sad to say is not taking place. Some individuals we have elected especially at the federal government level want to do take the same actions which failed in the past to solve the problems we are now facing. History is really our teacher and we as individuals and as a country need to listen. Granted the situation we are currently in has not occurred at this depth and significance with so many individuals and businesses hurting but we can learn from actions of the past.

Learning from the past does not always involve our education in our school system but the actions we take upon ourselves to be educated enough to make the right choices for our future, especially our elected officials. Those elected to represent us need to look at the successes of the past which have significant characteristics before proposing actions to resolve similar problems today using the techniques which failed. We as a country are smarter than that and the individuals we elect to be a part of the next legislature need to know and understand the success of the past which are applicable to our future.

One last point to make about history is the events of the past shaped who we are today and the events of today will shape who we will become in the future. This involves not only our country but us as individuals. Every day we make decisions which will impact our future. The path taken in the past shaped the principles we have today. Let us choose the right paths for tomorrow so history that given the choices we have available we as an individual and as a country chose the right ones to make our country and the world around us a better place than it is today.


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