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Let's allow women to run the world

Updated on August 16, 2014
crassnsilly profile image

crassnsilly is not a real name. It's made up, like everything else in the world.

Men killed men. Then they planted a flower. Probably made women do it.
Men killed men. Then they planted a flower. Probably made women do it.

Men versus men

Hello. I am a man. Men made up religion to bully people. Therefore I'm one of them. Logically, I killed people, bullied people, treated women as dirt, in the name of religion. I apologise. But it's not a crime to be born (although some religious people would tell you that you have done something awful by the time you come screaming into the world. They call it Original Sin, written with impressive capital letters). But we all love to shift the blame, to hide from the truth. That's why it's easy to make up lies to frighten others, to tell them that everything is controlled by a Man in the Sky (I can't help those capitals) that no-one will ever see, feel or smell.

Communism didn't work. It was a brilliant idea, that everyone could live as equals, but it was created by men who stupidly ignored our greed, which comes from our insecurities, and our foolish love, our caprices, our dreams. We're different you and I, just as men are different from women, the lovers and the greeders.

A football. Women don't play football. They play Women's Football.
A football. Women don't play football. They play Women's Football.

Women are people

To illustrate this Hub, I Googled 'women' for an image of woman. I'll save you the bother of replicating: they were all professionally photographed, smiling, no blemishes, advertising pretty young girls. What are they saying? Buy this product, buy this woman, to go with your man life. None of them were real women like what you see in the queue down the Co-op, with blemishes or lumps etc. just like normal blokes. If we all go to the Co-op every day for the rest of our lives, we won't see a model there, with her own lighting crew.

This is what women are, in Man World. The people in charge of religion, no matter which religion, are bullies. Think of the worst traits in humans – greed, bullying, lying, hurting children – then look at the history of these religious tyrants. They don't just commit these disgusting deeds – the whole thing is founded on keeping others under control for their selfish purpose.

Women are smaller and less strong than men. You knew that. Well done, men. It's like expecting to be congratulated because you can reach the top shelf. Or that you are older than somebody. Or you have a penis. Or a relative has a baby. Well done, man, for hiding among the other men, the bigger men. If you meet a bully, a selfish idiot, be assured that he will eventually go to prison. And there are bigger bullies inside. And the worst (or best) bully will win. Then he (not she) will die in prison. Is that what his loving mother thought as he came screaming into the maternity ward, or the back seat of the Volkswagen? Whatever.

Women thinking

We've had our chance, us men. Look at the pluses: electricity, um, you know, all the rest. And the minuses: selfish, greedy violence, stuffing our bearded faces full of somebody else's stuff. When we let women rule the world, for a provisional 1-year period, let's see how they get on. Will their lady bumps get in the way? Will everyone have to stop everything for five days every month. Will we be forced to talk about tasks that need doing, rather than just going and doing them?

Who can answer this ?Who's got the solution? Rhetorical questions. You live, you die. But women smile more than men.


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