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Letter to Editor of Bakersfield Californian

Updated on September 19, 2014
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Dear (Name Withheld, Editor) Bakersfield, “The Californian”

Want to make a positive difference? Want to swim upstream against all odds? Want an outstanding challenge that may win awards? Want recognition to get your "bosses off your back?" Want to be late and not ever have to explain?

Explore why California has chosen to put at risk the citizens by the exposure to Toxoplasma Gondii. What is Toxoplasma Gondii?

I have just completed a fictional book, "Eyes Wide Shut: An Enigma" - based upon my experience in the Joint chiefs of Staff- Far East when I was in the USAF. I was involved in Top Secret activities primarily in the crypto communications area. In the course of my activities, I became aware of hidden agendas cloaked within the confidential/Top Secret of the "Need-to-Know" security policies. I witnessed good leaders wanting to do the "right thing" becoming corrupt with their non-accountability.

As you know, Lord Byron was right, "Absolute power corrupts absolutely."

In the course of researching, (you would know the value of research!) the background of my book, I became aware of Toxoplasmosis. It is a parasite. There is no cure. Most of the world is infected. It comes from cats. Cats are the definitive host - you know, the only host where the Toxoplasma Gondii reproduce sexually. When an infection occurs, one has Toxoplasmosis or AKA Toxo.

Side bar to explain the connection of my past experiences and Toxo: As you know, human insulin was produced prior to 20 years back from bovine products. Some people are allergic to this. It was discovered by manipulating E. Coli (the bad bug most of us have in a homostasis basis) human insulin can be produced. It was a breakthrough. Since T. gondii is ubiquitous, and changes behaviors, it would be an ideal vehicle to manipulate for specific behaviors for humans. Can you imagine the possibilities? NOW (New World Order), eugenics, and etc...

In a controlled environment with black-box, classified funding, where no one can ask questions... there are no limitations.. An example: spies are eliminated on an on-going basis - no publicity, no trial, end-of-story. ( have personal knowledge of this in our area). I have no ethical problems with this idea and notion. My concern is who decides who dies? What behaviors are needed? Who decides? Who benefits? These activities are hidden in plain sight. An example, parts of the U2 spy plane were built in Bakersfield. The people building the parts had no idea what they were building. They were misinformed. The parts became classified when they were assembled elsewhere...

I know, you wonder, what has this got to do with the above questions? First, I must give you background information of Toxo. See It was discovered around 1902 in New Zealand when sheep were aborting. It was discovered to be the cause of the aborted sheep. At the time, nothing else was done... Later in the 1970's it was discovered the cause and effect of Toxo and birth defects when pregnant women were around cats. At that time, doctors simply informed pregnant women to "stray away from cats when pregnant." It was not until around 2000 that the tip of the iceberg of world-wide cultural changing impact of Toxo. The body of knowledge is growing with almost daily discoveries.

Toxo is a parasite that is very clever. It changes the host's behaviors. An example: When an infected mouse smell cat urine, it is turned on (almost similar to a sexual drive - involves dopamine pleasure center) and will select anything that smells of cat urine over food. It is a fatal attraction. The cat eats the mouse, the Toxo within 2-3 weeks reproduce by the millions and is deposited in cat litter boxes to be dumped into toilets and into our sewer plants. Chlorine does not eradicate Toxo. Gama radiation will. Centrifuge will separate. Filtering can separate. It is very expensive. Most sewer plants do not remove Toxo. The oocysts can remain viable for perhaps years - depending on the environment.

At present there are no guidelines for dumping Toxo into rivers or oceans. (whales in the Arctic are infected - they think from anchovies being the carriers). An example" Morro Bay has the highest death rate of coastal areas for seals. All are infected. Morro Bay dumps their T. gondii (Toxo) infected sewage near the shore. Pismo Beach has the worst rating (many times an "F") of California Beaches. Among other bad bugs, Toxo among them, the pigeons are infected with Toxo. There are at least 400-500 pigeons living underneath the Pismo Pier. I have informed supervisors who were present at the pier of the of the clear and present dangers of the pigeons.. apathy.

Getting to the good part - Many central valley towns deposit their "treated" sewage into the California State Water Project Facilities that distributes to over 25 million people water that has Toxo!

Notwithstanding, this email could be interpreted that I need I publicity (I do!) but, my awareness dictates me to increase the public's knowledge of the clear and present dangers of Toxo.

Many vets tell their clients that "Your cat is OK, it has gotten over its Toxoplasmosis. It is in remission." What the vet may not know, cats are the same as humans in terms of being subject to having a relapse. When a cat's immune system is compromised by an example, feline leukemia (a common occurrence) the cat's latent Toxo infection roars back with worse symptoms and is more infectious.

The toll and impact to humans are unknown. Some cause and effects are brain cancers, possible schizophrenia, bi-polar, almost all motorcycle riders are infected (risk-takers) car wrecks are 2.5 times more infected with Toxo.. Infected women are more attractive to infected men (Brazil an example - 95% infection rate)... See:

There is a NEED to increase the awareness of the unknown danger of Toxo and the education of the known dangers of Toxo. There needs to be laws passed safeguarding our drinking water: rural, metro and oceans. See:

There is much more information... I challenge you to join me in saving, assisting others. Knowledge is power.

I have two agendas. The most important agenda is to inform and to make a positive difference. I am passionate about this. I admit, I have a selfish motive too. I firmly believe I have the possibility of a future best seller. The rewards of this book does not compare to the rewards of educating the public and reducing the exposure to Toxo. This is bigger than my selfish needs. I want to assist you any way I can. I have selected you because you are "ripe" for a challenge. You are gritty, determined and have the ability to make a positive difference.

It is YOUR decision: kick, pass, or punt!

Dallas W. Thompson


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