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Life 101: Enumerating different kinds of Intelligence

Updated on August 3, 2012

Life as I see it

Life is given to us by the Creator we are given dominion to all living things and non-living things that exist on Earth.

In lieu with this,I am featuring stories of successes and failures through this hub series,Life 101.

It's like,I must be getting familiar again with the components of human life, how we use the skills and talents each of us possess.

So, the maiden hub on Life 101 series will delve on how intelligence affects our status in society; how other people treat us or brand us because of that kind of personality we have.

Say for instance, every time we apply for a job,our IQ (Intelligence Quotient) level will be measured through tests on linguistic, numerical and abstract reasoning.

Whatever the score is, don't feel bad because each one of us has been gifted with unique skills and intelligence in different fields or subjects.

Even mentally-challenged individuals have special skills and intelligence.

Let's find out how we fare with regards to intelligence.

Multiple Intelligence (Photo Credit :
Multiple Intelligence (Photo Credit :

God gifts us with skills and talents that make us special.

We don't have the right to label anyone as dumb,moron or even stupid.

We can help each other discover and explore our own areas of intelligence.

I know my intelligence will be different from your level. But if you respect me, I'll do the same for you.

After all,we're all God's creation.

And that's life is all about.

Nine Kinds of Intelligence

Experts described nine kinds of intelligence.

  1. Factual Intelligence - People who are 'walking or human encyclopedias' belong in this category. They possess a sharp and retentive memory that can recall even the tiniest details of a particular topic. Here in the Philippines, the former radio/television host Ernie Barun has been dubbed as 'walking encyclopedia' as he'd shown his mental prowess by remembering factual data, even without the help of a computer.
  2. Analytical intelligence - Scientists and academicians are experts in solving problems by simplifying complex data.
  3. Linguistic Intelligence - People who can easily learn and speak several languages in a short span of time.
  4. Spatial intelligence - Artists,mathematicians, designers belong in this kind of intelligence. They see patterns in things and they're able to formulate formula or create designs and artworks.
  5. Musical intelligence - Geniuses in music can compose songs even without proper training . I'm sure, you're familiar with Beethoven, Mozart of classical music or the popular ones, The Beatles, The Beegees,etc.
  6. Practical Intelligence - Mechanics can take something apart, work at it and repair it.
  7. Physical Intelligence - We often refer it as skills. Athletes have both muscles and mind coordination, so that,they can excel in their kind of sport. Have you seen the Olympics in UK this August? Perhaps, you'll find out why Olympians are the cream of the crop in sports.
  8. Intuitive Intelligence - The gift of seeing things beyond the obvious is a special intelligence given to persons, like Nostradamus who saw the future.
  9. Interpersonal Intelligence - People who are jolly and outgoing possess a kind of intelligence that can even comfort a stranger and be at ease with the crowd.


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    • travel_man1971 profile imageAUTHOR

      Ireno Alcala 

      6 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      @Pamela99: Thank you, Ms.P for believing on this hub. It's been greatly appreciated.

    • travel_man1971 profile imageAUTHOR

      Ireno Alcala 

      6 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      @earthbound1974: I'm proud of you to admit that.It shows on your hubs. You can really feel the readers and fellow hubbers feel at ease with what you are publishing here at HubPages.

    • travel_man1971 profile imageAUTHOR

      Ireno Alcala 

      6 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      @jimmar:I'm fortunate to have you here, Sir J.:)

      Thank you for planning to read more of my output here.

    • travel_man1971 profile imageAUTHOR

      Ireno Alcala 

      6 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      @DON BALDERAS: Thank you for expounding more on my initial subject @Life 101 series. You've always been a great help.

      I remember one of my instructors during my college years and she doubted my ability to cope up with my course.She didn't supported me and gave me ultimatum about my priorities, whether I should focus on my studies or work at the radio station.

      I felt that I possess all that kinds of multiple intelligence,although, I can only concentrate in one kind at certain period in my life.

      I'm trying to enjoy and use my talents and skills wisely.Still, people judge me as a mediocre person.That's okay with me; as long as I never hurt anyone.

    • Pamela99 profile image

      Pamela Oglesby 

      6 years ago from Sunny Florida

      This is a very interesting hub. I have read some of this information before but you really put it together is a very logical way.

    • earthbound1974 profile image


      6 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      I'm good at people.I certainly belong to the 9th group of persons who are extrovert and can make strangers at ease.

    • travel_man1971 profile imageAUTHOR

      Ireno Alcala 

      6 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      @vikkijov: Thank you for appreciating my new series regarding issues on Life. This should be more on a devotional level but I'm still tackling it like in a simple conversation,so that others will learn a thing or two regarding present situations in our lives today.

    • jimmar profile image


      6 years ago from Michigan

      Interesting. I'm now going to have a look at more of your hubs.

    • DON BALDERAS profile image


      6 years ago

      What you are sharing are the Multiple Intelligences. These are possessed by all of us only that they vary in the way they are used by people. That's the reason why nobody has the right to say that there are persons who are not intelligent. It is because they have not nurtured or given chance for those intelligences to grow.

    • vikkijov profile image


      6 years ago from Mystic, CT

      This should be interesting! I am looking forward to your next hub for sure!


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