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Life: Unplugged

Updated on February 29, 2020

In a world nearly totally dominated by technology (well, in countries with more than fifteen cars and two stoplights) do you ever find yourself weary of the computers, the cell phones, the TomToms, iPods, laptops, Blackberries and Blu Ray?

Here's a typical day for the technophile that some of us Hubbers are:

We wake up, slap our digital alarm to quiet it's incessant beeping, and then we check our cell phone for messages. Pushing a button on our programmable timed drip coffee pot, it brews up a cup of java while we microwave something unhealthy for breakfast. Then it's off to the computer to read all the emails about Stacie and Whitney's newest near-dozen hubs, a round of online banking and Facebook, then off to work.

On the way to work, a computer system in the car can tell you where you are, where you should go to get to where you're going, and where the nearest fifteen Starbucks locations are. Lost yet? No way, you've got TomTom to tell you where to go. Who needs to be alert to their surroundings, we've got technology!

Ready to unplug yet? Read on..

So, while you're listening to your iPod in one ear, dictating notes onto your handheld mini-computer in one hand, driving and sporting your Bluetooth in the other ear, you can watch your navigation system and maybe remember to put on your makeup at the red light, also automated!

You get to work, and swipe your magnetic keycard which has your name, social, phone number, blood type and food allergies saved on it. The lock flashes from red to green, which means you can go in. You start fumbling with the door, pushing and pushing, when the little voice chimes up as it always does "Keycard accepted, please pull the door to open. Have a nice day."

Alright, so all that may be an exaggeration, but by how far? We rely far too much on technology. I realize the irony of writing a hub to express this view, but bear with me.

How much do all your various gadgets *truly* help you? Does your cell phone bill cost more than your gasoline bill? Do you replace quality time with your children with text messages and trips to the mall to shop for more gadgets?

Cut back on your addiction to technology

Prioritize your tech choices based on your planned activities. Chances are if you are like me, you've got a cell phone but no home phone, so you're not leaving that anywhere. Have you thought about turning it off during important events, though? By important, I mean, anything involving people you love. Try spending an afternoon with the phone off. I bet you'll like it.

Need to take a laptop with you to and from work, just in case you need to work on something from home? Why not use your laptop to play your favorite music? Synch up your iPhone to the USB port in your laptop. Voila! Instant mp3 player, instant messenger, calendar and newspaper all in one.

The point is that technology, however helpful, should never replace your interaction with live people. If you spend the majority of your time in front of a computer, gaming console, or with both hands firmly clutching some electronic bit or bauble, you're missing out on the best technology of all.


*Batteries not included.


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