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Life after school days

Updated on March 21, 2014

It was as if going to school, that was the only thing left in the world! We not only hated the school, but we even hated our teachers and the homework and we would wait in awe for the long summer break. However, in those days, we had never realised that there is much beyond schooling. Life would challenge us with innumerable difficult circumstances and there would come a time, when we wished we could have some time turner that would make us a child and put us back into our schools.

It is indeed a blissful thing to rewind the mental tape and look back to the carefree days we once had, when smiles were easy and life was about enjoying those little simplicities. Ageing is a natural process and just like we pass through different phases of life, childhood, adulthood and age old; it is mesmerising to witness life grasping us into different roles, into vivid responsibilities and several other never ending chores. Among all the stages of life, one of the best periods that anyone can have is the childhood; those carefree days when there is nothing much to worry about other than your pet getting sick and the almost empty jar of chocolates. However there is one thing that most of hate as children. We run from it and loathe it to an extent that we make excuses to stay away from it. Yes! There is one more thing that comes with the childhood and that is “schooling”. For majority, the word, “school” itself would give jitters and for most of us, school days were boring, the endless classes and teacher’s lectures and the tension of homework and exams. It was too much that time to wake up early in those winter mornings, tuck up and go to school or watching the raindrops tapping on the window panes, while the teacher is lecturing about how Akbar ruled his kingdom. Those school days, for everyone, while we were a child was not only mind-numbing but indeed very throbbing.

It is surprising to note that we had neither realised nor did we anticipate, that life would turn tables; so much would change once the happy-go-lucky school days are over and that life after it would be a bigger and crucial challenge? None of us would have imagined that life after those fun-loving school days would be the real life and the worry that would follow would be ten times more than what is was before. As we grow old, as the hair turns grey, so does our responsibility increases in every aspect of our life. In a span of a few years, we enter into a stage where one needs to make a fine balance between the family life and lucrative career, making difficult choices for a better life. We do not quite realise this right away, but getting mixed into the fog of our tensions, how we miss those days when life was nothing more besides attending school and loitering around with mates and pals. It is believed that college days are fun. One does not have to attend lectures and do not have to answer anyone. But this is indeed a myth. In reality, nothing can compensate school days. That is the golden period of life and is indeed one of the best phases.

Life is strange. It has its own twist and turns and takes its own course. From those happy school days, in no time we enter into the strange web of high school stress, followed by endless tests and tuitions. No sooner does this end that the tension of college admissions, ranks and placements seem to haunt us. The years thereafter pass by worrying about several other things including internships and interviews. Besides all this, there is an additional pressure of a good job and family responsibilities. In no time, with the rolling years, we tend to become like a machine, which is just mechanically working and running between family, money and career. But years later, when we look back into our old days, we are filled with regret. We feel as if we have left behind some fond memories, happy times and we are no longer the same person.

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We feel as if the happy smiles from our faces have vanished and the carefree nature that was part of our personality has been lost somewhere. So where did our original carefree self go? Perhaps it has passed by just like the school days! However it is important to look back and be our original self again. To get back that feeling, many colleges and offices celebrate “back to school” day, every year and if not, sometimes, it is fun to visit your school, years later, breathing in the smell of old books and wooden benches.

As a child we do not quite understand the importance of schooling and wait for that phase to pass away quickly. But the importance of it is realised in the later years. However, in reality, school life is a preparation to make you face the challenges that the bigger school, called THE WORLD will offer in the long run. A right school is the nursery of life. What we learn in school, remains with us for the rest of our lives. They help shaping our character, moulding our mental attitudes and teaching us the basic principles of life. It is only at a later stage that we realise that schools in a way influence us greatly, teaching us discipline, integrity and other important lessons of life. For most of us the time and years spent in school are the best of all and the memory of those happy school days remain in our minds forever and fill us with wistful memories of happy times of the yester years. Recollecting the fond memories of those bygone years curves our lips into a charming smile, even today and they continue to sweeten our minds filling us with vigour and enthusiasm.

© 2014 sushant123


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