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Life is a Battle Field and not a Bed of Roses

Updated on February 23, 2019

Life is not a bed of roses

Since the creation by God, man has been preoccupied with the chasing of happiness in life from birth until death. A man struggles very hard to get happiness, generally without knowing what does happiness means because of his little knowledge about the nature of life. Every religion in this world provides guidelines and teaches us to adhere to practice to achieve happiness in life where this advice is most often ignored by us. Life is a precious thing that gave to us by almighty but used in different ways by different people in this world. It is always said that human is the most beautiful creation of God and the good and bad things which happen in our life is created by us.

God has scratched sovereign over the life and death of people and only He knows the fate and future of human life. The Almighty has drawn a boundary line for everyone with a direction to act sovereignty and commandment and anyone violating the sovereignty will have to face its consequences. Those leading a happy life and those fighting a battle to survive have many things in common and if something happens, happiest people start thinking whether it was a fair or not as it becomes difficult for them to analyze the cause of happening a bad thing to them and they start cursing their luck while people in the battlefield does not take it seriously and move on with the struggle.

Life is like a river

Our life is like a river. Whatever we carry with us in the starting of our life we suffer or enjoy the same when we grow old. A river in its upper course is always in its full swing and flaws with the rocks and stones from both sides of it, but when at the lower course of its journey it reaches the last part it gets obstructed with same rocks and stones and its speed gets lowered due to these objects that are brought along with it when it was in its own speed and struggling to find its way through it. A famous saying that “life is not a bed of roses” always seems to be right in a true sense.

Man proposes, God disposes

We all want to be happy and live as our life to the fullest and due to the everyday changes in the environment and surroundings, we need to adapt and change ourselves with them. With every change in our life as circumstantial changes, conditions, situations or to be precise, our role in life changes as a whole. We plan something and something else happens. And thus it teaches us a lesson that all that happens is decided by the God who is the almighty and is the only one who controls every decision of every creature in this world. We can only keep on doing hard work and be true to God and should not commit sin at any stage.

Struggling with the obstacles a way of success

But we also see in our day to day life that there are few people who do everything to make their life happy, good, with full of peace with hard work and being workaholic they live their entire life for that one night when they will be able to sleep with a lot of peace in their heart and the most important, and that is satisfaction, but with this thought in the heart they spend their whole life making arrangements for that movement and always remain engaged fighting, struggling with the obstacles coming up one by one. The day they realize this, it's too late and they involve themselves so much into the daily lifestyle and the problems of their life that even if they want to come out of it they cannot because it is always said that coward run away showing their back to the battlefield, but “heroes” flight until the last breath. And thus, actually this is life with different relations, responsibilities, obstacles happiness, sorrows, we are the characters on the stage of life, God is the director and we are only to perform the play of life and direction will be given by the Almighty who had, who has and who will have the sovereignty above all, but what we need to do is to keep on performing by following what God wants from us and we will see that every day becomes memorable, smooth and happier than yesterday. We should not behave like cowards and keep on fighting with every obstacle coming our way. Perhaps these are the steps to keep life happy and every moment of it we enjoy happiness.

Whatever I have written is not a paragraph from any book, but it is something out of what we all view in our day to day life.

Love and support make life better

A child if gets love, protection, and frequent guidance may become a highly intellectual person when he reaches his adulthood. If he is getting care from his family regularly and gets a proper education, wonderful friends and a definite direction to achieve the goal, it becomes easy for him to lead his life in a better way to achieve the goal. In other terms, most of the people believe that life can be a bed of roses for them if they have plenty of money, that can buy any kind of luxury to them. Besides money, love and support combined with the fact also help in making life little better and one has easy access to overcome from any of the problems in life. There may be agreement or disagreement on this issue but the modern life which is fraught with all kinds of tension and stress, we inevitably discover that money can play a lead role in your life to overcome some of the serious problems.

At the same time, it is construed that in addition to abiding by the rules of God, people on earth should also seriously think about themselves, give yourself due to attention that you deserve and do not disrespect any other person or ride on them. If you can take your own decision, earn some money for yourself and your family, and if you fail in any of the objects don’t blame others and likewise, others cannot take credit for your win. Having such an approach towards life will certainly bring happiness to you. Life is otherwise very simple. We create the situations and then we give away our power by blaming others that causes frustration in our mind. In fact, the thoughts we carry in our minds and the words we speak create our experiences towards life.

Our Body belongs to God

I have a live example of one of my friends who lived all his life doing something good for somebody or the other not with any self-interest but according to him if he can help one man he thinks that God would surely repay him for his good work and will give him more strength to fight with ease with all his difficulties of life and would be blessed with satisfaction. Anyway, our bodies belong to GOD that is the supreme fact and the money cannot be a source of finding happiness and love.

Every one of us knows that life is very short and a lot of struggle is in our way. The best use of life would be to spend it in the company of good people and your loved ones. If we spend time with people who are with you just because of money, you should leave them at once before they suck all your wealth and happiness. Try to be with those who can be your true friends. If you really love yourself, try to enjoy life with your own people and closed ones. This way you may know the real meaning of life. The journey of life is full of stress and strain and every moment we need to respond to the situation with full energy and over the course of time, you may feel satisfied with your efforts that can certainly bring happiness in your life.

Life.................what if?

It is not an easy task to find the answers to the importance of life because it is like you are trying to take a bottle of water from a house under fire. You might have observed too many real facts about life and you might have happened to meet so many 'gurus' or experts telling you the actual object of life. Intellectual people have looked closely at this aspect and as per their view, one should learn how to live when you are young as this is the best stage of getting experience about the quality of life. With the passage of time, as life priorities take shape, you can start saying "NO' or 'YES' on the issues relating to your life, but analyze it carefully and strategically - so that you could get to know how you want to live your life. If you are happy with yourself, just judge and ask yourself how you are likely to feel after hours, days, months and years?.

Life is a battlefield and always not a bed of roses as every man on earth needs to struggle very hard if he is really interested in making his life happy. But it is always not the same and a lot of struggle and pain is there which make life more interesting. The only fact is that we all need to face it bravely, whatever is the outcome. We all know sometimes one has to go through a tough time and great sorrows in life. The death of a near and dear one, for instance, could make some of us collapse. But one who believes in the rituals of life is able to overcome such hard times in life.


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