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Life is a never ending race

Updated on August 17, 2013

Life - Never Ending Race

Life has become a race. We have a belief that it is a race. From childhood itself we run for something, often which is unknown to us. We run just because others run as we would fail in this race if we do not run. Most often this race depends upon the situation, the result is unknown to us, unpredictable. We often forget the ethics which should be followed in the race. No one cares about the fellow racers, ultimate goal is to win.

Most of the time we are guided into the type of race, often with a dislike to run. This pressure is from the social group around us, like family, friends, our well wishers. This race of life continues till our death. We think to stop the race when the finishing point comes, but the net race will be started before we finish. This chain or cycle continues. The thing lost in between the race is peace of mind. The theory made by Charles Darwin, Survival of the Fittest, is always true in the current century too, even after we evolved a lot.

Life is a race

We never get satisfied with what we have and keep on looking for more. Very often it is a fact that we make a comparison with others. Like the famous story in which a group of students who are successful in their life meets the old professor in their college. The professor offered them all same coffee in different cups. Some cups were big and some were small but more beautiful, likewise each one had its own uniqueness. People randomly took all the cups and started to have coffee. But no one was enjoying the coffee, instead they were looking at others cup and deriving how it is more beautiful or better than what they hold. Finally when they finished the coffee, the professor asked who all enjoyed the coffee. No one was able to answer as they never noticed the taste of the coffee. The professor finally said to his students, in life too we look what others have, we never bother what we have. We always make comparison to hat others have and what we do not have. He also said all were given same coffee, still people were looking what others are having. We never enjoy the work we do or enjoy what we have.

They all had to agree what the professor said. In life we need to take everything as simple as possible. Often we work in such a way that their is hardly any time to live.


Sum of our Life - Enjoy the Life to maximum

What is the sum of our life? Have we ever thought about it? The sum means, in the end what we take with us we leave this world. We cannot take anything with us but we have to abandon all we had in our life, both good and bad things. So anyway we leave both good and bad things which we achieved, can’t we make only good things which benefited others or made others happy. Like the Egyptians believed – after death we will be asked two questions before we are allowed into heaven. Those questions are – Whether we lived a happy life on earth? Second question, whether our living made others happy? These two questions are very important and we should think about it before we die.

In Indian mythology also it is said, we will not take anything with us after we die. So we should not be blind with material wealth we see in this world. The ultimate cause of every evil starts with desire for more, desire which leads to greed. We should always be aware and should know the limit of material wealth.

One thing most of the humans forget in their life is to live in the present. Be aware of what we are who we are and what we have achieved. Do not bother about what others have in their life. Do not be jealous.

We forgot to Smile

Always keep a smile on your face. Remember we will not loose anything by a simple smile.The great spiritual leaders all over the world said a lot about smile. Similarly medical science has also proven that, laughing or a smile makes us relieve from huge stress. Sri Sri Ravisankar, the founder of Art Of Living has suggested the smiling mantra to everyone and its huge benefits.

But in today's busy world men forget to smile. It is not his fault. He is busy with his job and forget the fact that he lives in this world. He has to be a social animal, so that he will be accepted in the society. So to overcome this daily remember to smile.

Another way of improving the habit of smiling is by watching more programs in the television which makes us laugh. Or you can purposely go in front of the mirror and smile, this can be done while you brush your teeth, or while you dress up. Go to some lonely place and remeber the fact that you are alone, this makes us more confident and smile a while.


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