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Teaching Profession

Updated on February 2, 2018

What is teaching?

If teaching is a networking business, then the most influential people are the teachers. Teachers can reach the lives of the bottommost, middle line and topmost members of the network’s pyramid. This comparison means that teacher can share, facilitate, communicate and act as students’ foundation of knowledge, values and skills from basic to post graduate education. In whatever means, the learning we acquired from our mentors become part of our profession, daily lives and individuality. We may have similar or different field or work interest compared to the most renowned and multi-awarded talk show host, Oprah Winfrey, or the Forbes richest man, Bill Gates, or even the youngest billionaire and Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, all of us learned how to say the alphabet, count numbers, and recognize the parts of a computer from our great teachers.

Teaching Strategy is used to achieve Learning

The teacher uses teaching strategy that best suit the lesson.
The teacher uses teaching strategy that best suit the lesson. | Source

Teacher's Passion and Dedication

Truly, all of us are product of our gurus’ passion and dedication. This proves Dan Rather quote which states “The dream begins with a teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you to the next plateau, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called truth”. Our teacher never stops encouraging and providing basket of learning until we become who we are. Seeing students learning the lesson and knowing former students achieving are the most rewarding moments of being a teacher. The prize of happiness of being a teacher is not payable with any currency in the world. Being part of the noblest and persuasive profession does not mean richness. Unlike in networking business, teaching earns people not profit.

This might sound forlorn; teacher rarely becomes billionaire. It takes sacks of devotion and compassionate heart of becoming a teacher especially in a third world country government school. Teachers in a third world country often partake some of their salary to their unfortunate pupils. Hence, it is uncommon to save some amount or become rich.

Qualities of a Good Teacher

What does it take to be a teacher?

Government or private school administrators require their teacher applicant to be a degree and a license holder. Post graduate completion is an edge. However, educational attainment is just part of the rating scale. Values and attitudes needed to mould and hone one’s personality are looked-for. To become a teacher, it takes long patience, general expertise, unremarkable dedication, and simple lifestyle. These values are desirable because teaching takes a lot of one’s time.

Some teachers walk this kind of path as they trail their way to school.
Some teachers walk this kind of path as they trail their way to school. | Source
Due to insufficient learning tool, this teacher uses a small board to deliver his lesson.
Due to insufficient learning tool, this teacher uses a small board to deliver his lesson. | Source
Conducive class environment helps children to   learn the lesson.
Conducive class environment helps children to learn the lesson. | Source

Sacrifices of Teacher

Teachers may not use high powered weapon or immerge in jungle and fight a war. They also sacrifice their lives for the profession they pledged to. To be assigned in rural areas where some teachers needed to cross a river and walk miles of muddy flooring every day and meet students smiling despite their starving stomach are distressing to the part of already exhausted teacher. But the show must go on, as they say. They always welcome each day as a brand new start despite of the difficulties and struggles they will be experiencing the whole. Though it is hard to deliver the lesson, they never stop utilizing varied strategies and visual aids to make their students learned. Though it knocks them off that they deviated again from the lesson plan prepared until dawn, they still assess objectives as accomplished. It is worth-tiring for to see students learning positively in whatever means the teachers offer.

In progressive schools where the facilities are complete and the learners come from well-off families, teaching is smooth sailing. Lesson plan is encoded. Audio-visual materials are one grab away. Active participation is expected from majority of the students. Truly, it is better to teach in advanced or industrialized areas. However, if teachers will weigh the comfort in teaching, who will teach the unfortunate children who are willing to learn? No one will teach them but the teachers. Teaching is a calling that in whatever means or situation, in rural or urban, teachers are teachers.

Teacher and a Lover

Wherever and whenever, teachers are 24/7 on profession. How about their private lives? How about their love life? How do they deal with their personal affairs?

Work versus Relationship

If you are to answer these questions, which of the options below best suit your response?

See results
Most teachers find happiness and fulfillment in their job. This is the reason why some remain single.
Most teachers find happiness and fulfillment in their job. This is the reason why some remain single. | Source
The boyfriend visits his girlfriend-teacher.
The boyfriend visits his girlfriend-teacher. | Source

For single and uncommitted mentors, teaching is the best career. All of their time is dedicated to their job. In some cases, this is the reason why some gurus remain to be single. They engage or even marry their job. They find happiness in their occupation.

Teaching is no fret for committed people in the profession. Loving a teacher means loving the vocation as well. It is blissful to see boyfriends or girlfriends making the learning tools and preparing the classroom for school year’s opening.

However, it is heart-breaking if our relationship partner cannot understand the profession we chose. This situation is stressful for teachers. This creates weighing love life versus work. This affects the teaching qualities and at the same time tangles the affairs. At this point, time allotment for work and love is desirable to save both. If worse thing happen, choosing is the last solution. But no one wants to have sad ending. As mentioned, teachers are teachers. They know how to save relationship as much as touching other lives.

Teacher acts as second parent to his student.
Teacher acts as second parent to his student. | Source
Imbalance priorities affect our lives
Imbalance priorities affect our lives | Source

Once married, the aptitude of being a teacher never stops. Their branches of services extend to their own families. They serve as parents-teachers to their children and teachers-parents to their students. Becoming real parents help them to understand more their students. They can assess the feelings of their students if they have any problem or simply not feeling well and vice versa to their own children.

Indeed, there is a mutual benefit between healthy married life and teaching profession.Healthy married life is emphasized when relating marriage to teaching. Why is it so? Just like in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, understanding partner or spouse is greatly desired. It is too absurd to hear that spouses are asking their teacher-wives to choose lesson plan or them. Certainly, quality time with family comes before anything else once we entered married life. But for teachers smart division of their time is needed to avoid conflict with partners and children.

Most children of teachers are bright and have a good study habit. Who will they observe every day? They always see their parents writing and reading. There is no day without tutoring or education updating. This scenario is good. If teacher can balance parent’s life and teacher’s life, everything goes in harmony. What if the other load is heavier than the other? Well, life becomes a seesaw. The heavier aspect with great importance touches the ground while the other hangs. When this happens, children tend to ask their parents dreadful inquiries that challenge their worth as parents and as teachers. No parent-teacher wanted to have this kind of consequence. This is the reason why teachers learn to equate people around them.

It is difficult to become a teacher. Like any other profession, teacher as well experiences a lot of sacrifices and challenges. Teachers shield themselves with adept mind, dynamic energy, skilful time management and convivial dealing to different kind of people to avoid or surpass challenges.

Retirement Life Dream

"To retire with sound body, happy environment and loving family"

Grandmother cuddles grandchildren with great happiness.
Grandmother cuddles grandchildren with great happiness. | Source

Life After Retirement

Life after retirement is something to look-for. We are wishing to retire with sound body, happy environment and loving family. It is a great happiness to see and cuddle our grandchildren, go on travel and hike with your spouse and attend fellowship with other fulfilled retirees.

However, not all retirees can get the life they are dreaming of. Since some of the teachers use most of their energy during their youthful years, retirement pension and benefits are just used for their hospitalization and daily medication. Some of them are ageing with larynx, lungs and heart problems. Subsequently, some bucks from their retirement annuity are allocated for their families. As observed, some retired teachers remain as providers for their love ones. Accept this or not, this happens in reality.

As a modern teacher, we must know how to become noble and at the same time value and balance everything we have including work, love ones and our lives. We might not be famous but our legacy in the heart and souls of our students remain.

Tribute Song for Great Teachers out there!

© 2014 Pinky de Garcia


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