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Fun Educational Science Videos for Kids

Updated on August 27, 2013

Educational videos are a great way to reinforce science learned from books and hands on activities. They are also a great way to entertain kids while they are learning. Thankfully there are a lot of videos and DVDs that teach many different scientific topics to elementary age kids. They are also a wonderful option for homeschoolers.

And you don't have to purchase all of these videos. Some are available on Youtube or are shown on TV. You should also check your local library because many carry educational DVDs. If you subscribe to Netflix, they may carry some as well.

Science DVDs

My favorite DVD series are:

  • The Magic School Bus
  • Rock n Learn Science series
  • Zula Patrol

Other options are:

  • Bill Nye (best for 4th grade and up)
  • The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! (best for preschoolers and kindergarten)
  • Sid the Science Kid (best for preschoolers and kindergarten)
  • Wild Kratts (best for 3rd grade and up)
  • SciGirls (best for 4th grade and up)

You can now buy an 8 DVD set of all 52 episodes of The Magic School Bus. This is a great deal and an excellent way to introduce younger kids, including preschoolers, to basic science concepts. The Rock n' Learn science videos cover Earth Science, Life Science, Physical Science and The Human Body. These DVDs are best for 3rd grade and up. They're very colorful and indepth for this age group. Zula Patrol is best for kindergarten and up but preschoolers will likely enjoy the series as well. This is a fun series that's shown on PBS.

gudlidotcom Food Chain Video

Online Science Videos and have lots of fun, colorful science videos that cover numerous topics. is for kindergarten through 3rd grade. is for 4th grade and up. These websites require a paid subscription but it's definitely worth it, especially for homeschoolers. They also have games and quizzes. Go to to find all videos and games that are offered for free.

Some Youtube channels to check out are Sun Ho, makemegenius and gudlidotcom. Type the channel names into the Youtube search to find their videos. These channels have several science videos covering numerous topics. They aren't as much fun as BrainPop and the various DVDs I mentioned but they are free and they cover lots of topics for elementary age kids. They also use animation to appeal to kids. They're another great option for homeschoolers.

Science Videos for Kids
Science Videos for Kids


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