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List of greatest/best inventions in the 20th century

Updated on December 5, 2007

Well I can make a personal list which reflects the inventions that have made the biggest difference for me personally:

  • the contraceptive pill: I wouldn't be childless without it!

  • the internal combustion engine: in the long term it allowed the developed of mass travel which allowd poor people like me to travel the world

  • the Internet: can you remember how small life was when your main source of information was the local library
  • electric light - having just pet some time camping I will never be cavalier about good light again
  • refrigeration is pretty cool too - keeps you and the food cool!
  • artivfical fibres like Lycra and nylon - I hate ironing
  • the automatic washing machine - have you ever tried to wash sheets by hand or using a twin-tub!


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    • profile image

      bum 6 years ago

      the spaceship!!

    • profile image

      whoa 8 years ago

      the cell phones for me

    • profile image

      Alex 8 years ago

      Electric light and combustion engine were invented in 19th century

    • profile image

      matt 8 years ago

      contact lenses for me