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Amber Peat: Damage Control.

Updated on June 26, 2015


Poor little Amber Peat! What trauma was little Amber suffering, what could have caused this young girl so much torment that she could see no other way, than to take her own life: What is it in our society that drives some children to such lengths? This poor young girl must have been suffering so much torment in her own mind and yet did not feel that she could talk about it to anyone. Our society has a lot to answer for, when a child feels that no one can or will help and that life is no longer worth living!


**The police as usual cannot be bothered until they have to be seen: to be: doing something: Too late as usual.

Don’t ask questions

I have always said & will continue to say: When a child goes missing, don’t ask questions like “Oh she might just have gone for a walk” or other stupid scenarios to excuse not doing anything.

Take action immediately: Foul Play: Emergency: “You might find one: -alive next time”. It’s “always” the same story-didn’t see the body the first two times we looked - didn’t bother looking for three days.


This attitude is in- ground in our police force & has been the same for decades. Just as it is in: Social Services: and all other government services.

Can’t be bothered looking properly-I should be on my tea break now. Oh I’m not sending out a search party now- it’s too late in the day to start calling in reinforcement- they’ll all be at home now.**

***YE! So what do we pay you for then!!


**Now comes the “INQIORY“ and “Results”.

  1. The police were slow to take action: No one’s fault. No one to blame. But should of taken action sooner.

  2. No search for three days: No one’s fault. No one to blame,

  3. The police missed the body on the first two searches: No one to blame. No one’s fault.

  4. We didn’t see it: No complacency. No one’s fault. No one to blame.

  5. The police showed dis interest, when asked to join in a local search: They did not take part. No one’s fault. No one to blame.

  6. Child is found hanged: Nothing suspicious. Run of the mill.

  7. Conclusion: Lessons to be learned.

  8. New law.

  9. Debate.

    “Scenario plays out again next time:”ad infinitum" :

Such a sweet little girl

Such a sweet little girl: Just 13 years old. Suicide: they say .

But society “murdered” her: The fact that this precious young girl, felt that she could not trust ANYONE enough to confide in them! So troubled and alone, she felt that she could bear her troubles no more and took her own life!

A sweet, pretty, intelligent young girl, lost for ever! A piece of collateral damage to our people’s protection departments!

Children are dying every day in the UK, as a result of: Suicide, Murder, Rape and neglect!

Yet “YOU” society, sixty four million of “YOU” just accept it: Just how thick or sick are “YOU” or is it that “YOU” are so self-centred, so indifferent, so closeted, that the suffering of others is their problem!

Nothing to do with ME:- Not MY problem:- Why should “I” get involved? They never did anything for ME. Well I hope and pray that “YOU” will find yourself: In such a desperate situation one day and I hope that “YOU” find that there is no one you can confide in and no one is interested in “YOU” and when “YOU” cry out for help. I hope “YOU” remember, it’s not MY problem.

Articles Appear:

Articles Appear:

*The newspaper quotes, public asked police to join the immediate search: Police rejected offer. Have disappeared!

*Extract: 12:37 Wednesday 10 June 2015: The police inquiry commenced and an extensive police search was organised, the police being greatly assisted by members of the local community. Has appeared

Diversionary tactics

. **Diversionary tactics: From original point……

“Why did police refuse to join initial search & why was there not an IMIDIATE search coordinated by police & why was there no police coordinated search for three days”?

‘Nottinghamshire Police investigated over handling of Amber Peat case

Follows concerns they “failed to act on reported sightings” of the teenager’

(Amber, 13, was found hanged three days after she went missing from home)

“Force said it referred itself to Independent Police Complaints Commission”

Political Savage

***Political Savage Operational Tactic! …..

Mansfield MP Sir Alan Meale has backed the police over an IPCC investigation into the force’s handling of the Amber Peat case. “So you as a government representative of the people: Are in support of the attitude of Financially Viable, as Against Immediate, possibly lifesaving action”.


Why do police not search for three days: Because statistics show, you will be searching for a static object? NOT a moving object. Easier: and less financial cost.

Could Amber have been saved ???


Blocked from Facebook in all: Newspapers. Who’s Pulling Strings?


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