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What Is The Meaning Of Life? - Perspective Views

Updated on April 6, 2013

What is the Meaning of Life?

Does anyone really know what the meaning of life is? Is it truly something to understand, or rather something we should simply accept and not question?

What is Happiness?

Perhaps the question we should start with would be, "What is Happiness?" and then continue on. Happiness is the feeling you get when you do something which brightens your mood. People can make you happy, things can make you happy, and love can make you happy.

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Maybe happiness is something you find, and maybe it is something one can only have once they are gone. But, rather than strive towards our own demise, it would benefit someone to do things which make them feel good. Wouldn't it make sense then to say that happiness is the feeling of things which feel good? Would it not make complete sense that their idea would be comprised of things which make them feel good about themselves and about who they are?

If we state that happiness is simply that, what ensures the benefit of well-being towards one's self, then we could say that the meaning of life on a personal level is to benefit ourselves to the fullest extent. This would involve finding things that we like to do, finding love in what so ever we find attractive, and to feel fulfilled.

Happiness in a society would be about the same, except that the benefit would be towards the society. This would entail that the meaning of life for a society would be to benefit the society by advancements, peace, love, and agreements in order to move forward.

Would The Meaning of Life Explain A 'God'?

If life has a meaning, then that means it was created for a reason. Considering that all things which are made are made for a purpose, and because life has a purpose. Life must have been created by something. If that 'thing' had created life, then it must exist outside of our universe or concept of time. This would mean that it would have to exist as a different part of our universe, or a different dimension. This 'thing' would have to be somewhat knowledgeable in order to create life as such a complex masterpiece. This being is known to some as God, some know it as Allah, some know it as a pagan God, or so forth. They are all answers to what this being is, and they are different perspectives of the same thing.


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