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Living your Life to the Fullest

Updated on August 23, 2013
ENJOY IT! | Source

You don’t need a life changing event to realize that you have to live your life to the fullest. Just open your eyes to the truth that we are all just passersby in this world. Today we wake up, tomorrow we may not. There are several who left before us, some older, some younger. We are just too blessed to be living up to this day. Life is too short to waste away worrying and hiding in our comfort zones.

So what do we mean by living to the fullest?

Well, there is really no definite answer for that. But there are things that can be done to be able to achieve that. The fullest means utilizing our time, our resources, our skills, and our strengths, basically what we all have been given by the Creator for in the end, we cannot bring it all up there.

Two essential steps to do

The first step in achieving this goal is to have a positive kind of thinking. There are many people who complain that life is cruel and merciless but in truth, they are the ones making it unbearable. Sometimes, it’s just all in the state of mind, on how you see things and how you interpret events. If you prefer sulking in your room, not making friends, letting doubts and suspicion get into your heart and mind- don’t expect good vibes to come into your way.

Secondly, embrace the reality. We all die, we all get into trouble, we all get hurt, we all have our own ups and downs. Unless you start accepting that fact, you’ll be left behind in the shadows. Open up and let the possibilities come in. You’ll never know what’s in store for you.

What you can do to make life a little happier

Life is never all black. It can be colorful if you choose to. To live your life to the fullest, it is required that you go out of the usual path, think out of the box and go beyond borders. If you do that, you’ll realize that you have missed a lot of things already. The following are tips on how to add spice to your life, to heat things up and to put a wider smile on that face.

  • Try travelling- stop looking at magazines, catalogs and travel guides. It’s time to set foot on those foreign soils. Yes, if you want, you can always find a way to visit the places you only see on pictures. Travelling is one activity everybody seems to love. Being in a different place, seeing different scenes, witnessing different culture, tasting various kinds of food specialties, you name it. In our lives, there is always one place we like to visit. Be it in the same continent as yours or in different seas. Making a dream come true is always a reward you can give to yourself. In fact, that would be more satisfying that buying material things

  • Do something you like but gives you a chill- are you afraid of the heights? Are you claustrophobic? Why not try facing your fears? Sounds crazy right? But sometimes, these experiences, of facing the things you are afraid of are the ones that can fill that empty space in your heart. Exposing yourself to something which you are afraid of makes you proud. You can indulge in stunts, zip lining, drifting, mountain climbing or scuba diving. Definitely it will be a moment to remember the rest of your life.

  • Don’t be afraid of making mistakes- there are people who call themselves perfectionists. They do what is right, they follow rules, they despise mistake. But what happens when they fall into a trap of being too righteous? Just a little misstep can lead them suicidal. Humans make mistakes and there composition seems to support that. Living a life to the fullest is living a life with no regrets. You may make a mistake but do not let that drown you, least your guilt will drag your down like a grindstone hanged to your neck. Instead, learn the lessons being imparted, outdo yourself and utilize mistakes in molding you to become a more mature person. Achieving that would mean a more peaceful mind.

  • Be luxurious sometimes- after all the work you have done, the tears and sweat you have spent, you deserve to treat yourself. Once in a while, pamper yourself by being luxurious. Eating in a high-end restaurant, buying an expensive watch or dress, sipping in a pool- these may mean spending more than usual but you don’t do that often. It will all be worth it especially when you enjoyed it to the tip.

  • Give, give, give- maybe you are already familiar with rich people giving away money for charity. Some say it’s a way for them to evade taxes. But come to think of it, are all rich people like this? Is it not possible that they just realized they cannot take all of those dollar signs with them? Giving, especially for those who have less and more so for those who have nothing, gives a feeling of hope and happiness that cannot be explained. The more you give, the more you find out how rewarding the feeling is. You’re not only making yourself happy but other people as well.

  • Forgive and make new friends- they say that it is not good to bring grudge with you all the way to the tomb. It would make yourself heavy enough not to reach heaven. True, if you want to have a carefree life, forgive those who have done wrong. There is no point in holding that hurt and pain. After all, you never know you might have hurt someone too unconsciously. Instead, make new friends, spend time with them and share the happiness you have within you. That way, you won’t reap much wrinkles.

A clock may stop from ticking but not the time from passing. Remember, it is all up to you on how you would spend your life. Don’t go blaming others saying they made your life miserable. You hold the reins of your chariot; drive it to a brighter and happier path.

Be free!!!
Be free!!! | Source

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    • light20 profile image

      Lanao G 4 years ago from Ozamiz City, Philippines

      One of the most important values in life people should learn is sharing what we fully realize that despite we have less, (i have less) it's adequate...and more than enough to share...

    • W1totalk profile image

      W1totalk 4 years ago

      It's something about life to the fullest. I think I will get the pizza with the Gold flecks on it and share it with someone who is hungry.

    • Cantuhearmescream profile image

      Cat 4 years ago from New York


      You've said it! In the darkest day, I tell myself there are bright ones coming... I'm too stubborn to give up when it's raining; imagine the sunshine I'd miss!

    • light20 profile image

      Lanao G 4 years ago from Ozamiz City, Philippines


      Wow!!! Thank you so much...Life may not be what we want it to be most of the times...bad things happen,some were very discouraging, sometimes we feel hopeless...everything seems wrong....but the fact is...we're still ALIVE! and we can't just afford to sit there and cry or mourn...

      We need to wander...feel life!!!

      You'r right!

      forget about the things that make us sad...

      Most importantly, contentment and appreciation...

    • Cantuhearmescream profile image

      Cat 4 years ago from New York


      Aww, this is so perfect! We are living in a time and place where it's so easy to get down and be negative and moods are contagious. It's such a drag to listen to people be so negative and it's easy to go down with them. It's sad too, because it's a shame; we all have things to be grateful for and we should focus on those things rather than the negatives.

      Anyone who wants to see others live better, earns a star in my book!

      Voted up and others ~ Sharing too!


    • light20 profile image

      Lanao G 4 years ago from Ozamiz City, Philippines


    • light20 profile image

      Lanao G 4 years ago from Ozamiz City, Philippines


      you are completely right...we need not to do all things that we want, to be happy...especially if this would make somebody hurt...we should always be rational in all decisions and things that we make...

      when everyone in our circle is happy....then, there is no reason to frown...

    • Social-eyes profile image

      Social-eyes 4 years ago

      Great philosophy!!

      But do not forget THERE ARE things of which we should be afraid or if we are rational should not attempt.

    • SEEMA AQUA profile image

      SEEMA AQUA 4 years ago

      life is too short

      so ENNNNNNNJOOOOOYYYYY yourself..................