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Sasquatch Pair Found on Mars

Updated on October 24, 2016
High altitude photo of Sasquatch like beings on Mars
High altitude photo of Sasquatch like beings on Mars | Source

In the Martian Desert

In this article I am going to show a picture of what appears to be the first images of a living being on the surface of Mars. The image was found in the latest series of photos released by NASA. As an author and planetary archaeologist I was examining the thousands of new images for a book about past and present life on Mars when I located the amazing photograph. It was taken from a high angle by an orbiting vehicle and at first appeared to be simply a pair of misplaced rocky mounds in the middle of a vast desert on Mars. But when closer inspection was made it became clear that this was something much more shocking.

Adult and Child strolling together?

As you can see, the high altitude image is a curious sight and demands a closer look. When a closer view was taken and magnification applied, the result was inspiring. This appeared to be an image of a huge, Sasquatch like being strolling across the desert with a smaller version of itself - perhaps a child - off to the side.

Magnified view
Magnified view | Source

Silicon based life?

In the magnified image there is a clear separation between the legs. A rock formation would not have such a space between it at the central bottom portion. If it did, the formation would collapse, and as such could not exist in the first place.

Also, the legs seem to be in motion. One of the “feet” is obviously several inches forward of the other. And, additionally, both the larger and smaller being are casting shadows.

I referred to them as Sasquatch like, however, I believe that they are most likely not carbon based. These may in fact be silicon based rocky creatures - living stone, if you will. This only makes sense on a world like Mars. Silicon life would not be effected by the deluge of ultraviolet light that pours upon the unprotected planet. And beings made of rocky material would be able to withstand the extremely low barometric pressure natural to this world. This would also explain why it has taken so long to finally obtain a picture of a living being. They could freeze into perfect stillness for hours - even days - at a time and fall into hibernation when needed.

Arrow points to area of motion

Movement shown by leg motion
Movement shown by leg motion | Source

No matter what type of life form these entities are, they seem to be alive and were both caught on camera by surprise while taking a quiet stroll through the Martian northern desert.


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    • Robert Sacchi profile image

      Robert Sacchi 13 months ago

      Good luck in your search.

    • DYLAN CLEARFIELD profile image

      DYLAN CLEARFIELD 13 months ago from Florida, USA

      Excellent question. I have been searching the thousands of newer NASA photos for any others of this location and have yet to find any. Prior or later images of the same location will obviously go a long way in showing any movement made by the apparent entities

    • Robert Sacchi profile image

      Robert Sacchi 13 months ago

      Do you know if there were subsequent pictures of the same area? Are there any size estimates available?